Artificial plants are a terrific way to bring life and color into your house, whether you suffer from allergies, have pets, or simply don’t want to deal with the maintenance that real plants require. Bamboo plants online are also available as indoor plants.

Bird’s Nest Fern

As compared to other types of ferns, the bird’s nest fern is one of the most forgiving, making it an excellent choice for inexperienced gardeners. It thrives in warm, humid climates reminiscent of rainforests, and its preferred soil moisture level falls between damp and completely saturated.

You should give this plant a little breathing room on both sides because its leaves will likely hang over the edge at varying degrees. Except that, it does fine; it can survive and flourish at a spot close to a north-facing window, where most plants die. They don’t require a lot of soil, but the roots are delicate, so be careful if you need to report them.


The huge family of plants known as bromeliads has beautiful and fascinating foliage. From a distance, the colorful bracts that keep the blooms together look like flowers. They stand out from the rest of the houseplant crowd because their vibrant colors can be enjoyed throughout the year.

Bromeliads are hardy and simple to care for because they thrive in various temperatures and require little water. Indirect, bright light brings out their true hues, but you may still grow them in dim conditions. There are more than 3,000 different types of bromeliads, so it’s wise to ask at your local garden center which ones will thrive in your climate.


The calathea is an easy-to-grow plant with several leaves that feature contrasting light and dark areas. These leaves have a habit of falling one on top of another, forming a thick carpet that obscures the view. They thrive in dim or moderate light and prefer moist soil, which may require daily watering in warmer months.

Cast-Iron Plant

Cast-iron plants are extremely long-lasting, as the name suggests. It can survive long periods of neglect and harsh weather with only infrequent watering (when the soil is dry). This plant is the easiest to grow for a beginner.

Chinese Evergreen

Chinese evergreens are native to the rainforests of southeast Asia, where they thrive thanks to the high humidity and low levels of direct sunshine provided by the canopy above. It prefers indirect light yet needs far less illumination than typical plants. Nonetheless, they prefer warm environments, so keep doors and windows closed.

Flowers are scarce and typically appear as pale green blooms that blend in well. It’s best to prune the blossoms before they develop into berries, as the latter will rapidly consume the plant’s resources. Please keep your pets away from the Chinese evergreen plant because it is poisonous to them.

Chinese Money Plant

Known by a variety of other names, the Chinese money plant is a low-maintenance house plant whose enormous, rounded leaves have inspired several puns. The leaves are dome-shaped and grow densely from the top of the pot on strong stalks. They do best with infrequent, thorough watering and plenty of indirect sunlight for photosynthesis.

Christmas Cactus

The Christmas cactus is a slow-growing plant with colorful blooms that may be enjoyed throughout the dormant winter. If you’re starting, go for a hybrid that will give you longer bloom times and greater variety in color.


The adaptability of crotons as the shrub is remarkable. Many common house plants top out at around three feet. However, other species can reach heights of twenty feet if given the chance and care. Crotons, being tropical plants, do best in warm but not too hot conditions, with enough humidity and indirect light to prevent scorching.

Crown of Thorns

The crown of thorns is an uncommon houseplant, but when in bloom, its whirling, colorful blossoms make it stand out. Most of these succulents only need to be watered once every couple of weeks, and they grow slowly and require little attention.

Put this where it will get lots of sunlight to maximize blossom production. Because it requires direct sunlight to flower, you may need to supplement with artificial lighting throughout the winter months. Temperatures closer to the boiling point are preferable, but you should avoid exposing it to high humidity levels.

The plant containers used for online orders are both environmentally friendly and practical, created from recycled materials. The variety of artificial plants online available today is significantly superior. They can breathe new life into any room and provide a splash of color.

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