Diane Finnegan Kutcher is the mother of American actor Ashton Kutcher, best known for his role as Michael Kelso in the sitcom That 70S Show. She was married to Larry M. Kutcher, a factory worker with whom she had three children; Tausha is the oldest, and she has fraternal sons Ashton and Michael. The latter was diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

Diane Kutcher worked as an employee of The Procter & Gamble Company, and she used her salary to meet her enormous needs, given that she had a son who needed a lot of care.

Personal Life

Diane Finnegan Kutcher divorced her first husband, Larry, in 1994 when Ashton was 16. She then married Mark Portwood, and they have been together since, their marriage spanning over 20 years. Diane’s kids have a great relationship with her second husband, as they can be seen posing for pictures with him.

Life has not been easy for Diane; when her son Michael was young, he had a lot of health issues and needed a heart transplant; she had to hassle to get one. Despite being a working mom, she had to find time to spend with her son.

Diane’s Son

Ashton had a tough time growing up, given his brother’s health condition; he could stay away from home so that he could not witness any sad news. He even considered jumping off a building to give his heart to his twin brother, who needed one; however, his father persuaded him not to go ahead with his plans since a heart had been found.

While a senior at Clear Creek-Amana High School, Diane Kutcher’s son, with his cousin, broke into the school compound at night to steal money. They were apprehended and charged with burglary; for his crime, Ashton was put into several hours of community service and probation for three years.

About Her Son’s Career

Ashton Kutcher was in college when a model scout noticed him; he participated in the Fresh Faces of Lowa competition. With his performance, he won a place in International Modelling and Talent Association’s competition. After that, Diane’s son signed a contract with a modeling agency and was part of commercials. He also modeled for Calvin Klein and other brands.

After achieving success in modeling, Diane’s son moved from New York City to Los Angeles, California, to pursue an acting career. Ashton’s first acting role was in the series That 70s show. Later, Ashton landed more roles in films and television shows, including Down to You, No Strings Attached, Just Shoot Me, and The Ranch, where he portrayed Colt Bennett.

Diane Kutcher’s son received criticism from the Indian community when he appeared in an ad campaign pretending to be an Indian.

Social Media

Diane Finnegan Kutcher is probably not active on social media, but her son has not had it easy. He has often been criticized for his controversial comments and statements, but then he is trying to use his huge following to market and campaign for a better life for people going through injustices. You can find Ashton Kutcher on Twitter and Facebook.

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