Evan Kongsved Wood, born on 18th February 2020, is a two-year-old son of celebrity couple Elijah Wood, born on 28th January 1981, and Mette-Marie Kongsved (born 19th May 1991). He was born in Austin, Texas.

His name has Welsh roots and translates to God is Good.

His father is American, and his mother is a Dane. Unlike many celebrity couples, Elijah and Metter-Marrie chose to keep their son away from the public limelight, perhaps to protect him from the ills associated with the entertainment industry.

They are yet to reveal the boy’s face to the public, although some media outlets captured a few snaps as the family strolled along the streets of Los Angeles.

The table below summarizes what’s known about Evan:

Name Evan Kongsved-Wood
Date of birth  18th February 2020
Parents Elijah wood and Metter-Marie Kongsved
Nationality American
Paternal Grandparents Warren Wood, Debra Krause
Parental uncle Zachariah Wood
Paternal Aunt Hannah Wood

Evan’s Parents

If you’ve watched The Lord of the Rings films, then you’ve watched Evan Kongsved’s dad, Evan, in action. He plays Frodo Baggins in the film. For those who can’t recall, Frodo is the Hobbit who takes over the One Ring from Bilbo, his cousin.

Elijah has also participated in more than a dozen films, including The Hobbit Series, Wilfred (2011), TRON: Uprising (2012), and recently Come to Daddy (2019).

Elijah has been acting since he was a child, and he also produces films and gives voice roles. He is an American, although he also has German, English, Irish, Danish, and Austrian ancestry. His parents raised him as a Catholic.

Evan’s father‘s net worth is approximately $20 million.

Evan’s mother is a super talented costume designer and film producer who’s produced roughly eight films in Hollywood and Denmark. She is Danish and weighs slightly over 50kgs. She has blue eyes and blonde hair.

She was previously married to Evan Katz between 2011 and 2017. Evan’s mother‘s net worth is approximately $400,000.

The couple is yet to wed, but they live together in Los Angeles.

Evan’s Highly Secretive Family

Despite being well-known celebrities, most of what is known about Evan’s parents relates to their work on the silver screens. The couple even kept their dating and engagement life private.

They were first spotted holding hands in 2018, although there are rumors that they started dating back in 2016.

Nonetheless, they attended a talk show in 2018 where Elijah referred to Metter-Maries as his girlfriend. They later confirmed dating during the 2019 Rotarte fashion show fall collection.

As expected, the couple did not announce the pregnancy with Evan. The media only found out about Evan when they spotted the couple shopping for furniture. Mette-Marie had an engagement ring, and her baby bump was visible.

Even though Elijah and Mette-Marie have an active social media presence with many followers, they rarely share personal details about their family life. They are yet to say anything about their son and haven’t opened a social media account for him.

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