For some people marriage does not only bring happiness but also a good level of popularity and the same goes for Jacqueline Benlein too. She is best recognized today for being the ex-spouse of American footballer, Bob Golic. Their marriage was short-lived but it definitely made Jacqueline Benlein popular.

Today, we will discuss all details about Jacqueline Benlein including her early life, family, siblings, education, profession, net worth, earnings, love life, children, and many other such details.

Personal life

As we already know that Jacqueline Benlein mainly grabbed public attention because of her ex-husband, not at all any information is available about her early life. Be it in the names of her parents or birthplace, everything is an absolute secret to the public. As per her nationality, Jacqueline Benlein is American, while she hasn’t revealed anything about her religious views.

If you talk about the personal life of Jacqueline Benlein, she got married to Bob Golic in 1983. However, the marriage could not last long and ended up with a divorce in 1994 within just 11 years. After this marriage whether or not Jacqueline Benlein got involved in any romantic relationship is not confirmed.

Parents and siblings

As you already know that the family background of Jacqueline Benlein is a complete mystery to the public, not at all any information is available about his parents as well as siblings. Maybe Jacqueline Benlein is not interested in making the details regarding her family public. This is why she never talked about it.


Jacqueline Benlein was married to Bob Golic for almost 11 years but she probably did not have any children because no information is available about the children of Jacqueline Benlein.

Education and profession

The educational background of Jacqueline Benlein is also a complete mystery to the public because she herself never thought of disclosing any details regarding that. The same goes for the profession of Jacqueline Benlein as well. Neither she nor her famous ex-husband ever talked about it.

Reason for the popularity of Jacqueline Benlein

Hands down, the only reason for the popularity of Jacqueline Benlein is her spouse, Bob Golic, who was a famous American footballer and has accomplished significant success in his life. She was spotted with her ex-husband several times when they were in a relationship. This is how she could grab public attention.

Net worth of Jacqueline Benlein

Well, the net worth of Jacqueline Benlein is not known to the public because her profession is a mystery. Given this fact, you can’t really estimate the net worth of Jacqueline Benlein. As for the net worth of her ex-husband Bob Golic is concerned, he is estimated to be valued at around 1.5 million at the moment. He has made all this money through his different endeavors because he is active in different professions.


 Jacqueline Benlein was married to Bob Golic only for 11 years and, during this time, she received significant public attention and has become a celebrity herself. This is the reason that we are talking about her today.

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