Jimmy page is without a doubt one of the most influential and iconic musicians. The multitalented guitarist and songwriter is also the father of the all-grown and gorgeous Zofia Jade Page. The singer-songwriter may have been the legendary father of rock but he also inspired the lives of his children

It is common for the kins of famous personalities to gain fame. They grow up rich and world-famous. However, some choose their paths and lead amazing lives outside of the spotlight. Let’s find out how Zofia Jade lives her life.

Personal Life

Zofia Jade was born in 1997 to the world-famous rock musician Jimmy Page. Her mother is Jimena Gomez Paratcha. The specific month and date of Jade’s birth are unknown to the public.

Jade’s mother is a San Francisco citizen who also has Argentinian roots. Jimmy met her in the 90s. Although they were operating on different projects, their interest in helping the poor brought them together.

The couple established Casa Jimmy, a place that catered to the needs of street kids who were affected by the cruelty of the Favelas. The non-profit charity, Task Brasil Trust was a non-profit located in Rio De Janeiro.

Jimmy and Jimena were not just passionate about charity and business. Their passion extended into their love and life. They tied the knot and created a family.

Jimena had a daughter from a previous relationship, Jana, at the time of their marriage. During their 13-year-long marriage, Jimmy and Jimena had two more daughters including, Zofia.

Zofia Jade’s Career

Like her parents, Zofia is passionate about helping others. She has an acute appreciation for charity work and follows in the footsteps of Jimmy and Jamena.

According to reports, Zofia attends protests that fight for environmental conservation. She joined a protest about climate change. She also ran a fundraising program that raises money for Brazilian charity programs.

Zofia’s most recent work was in partnership with Friends of the River Medway. The organization seeks to create awareness about how humans interact with nature. There are also records of Zofia and her friends on numerous world adventures.

She also supports the LGBTQ+ community. There are photos of when she attended a Pride parade in Brighton, England.


Zofia Jade Page has one blood brother and numerous half-siblings. Scarlet Page, is the firstborn daughter of Jimmy Page. She was born from the relationship he had with Charlotte Martin.

Patricia Ecker was the first wife of the rockstar. During their marriage, they had a son, James Patrick.   He is one of his half-brothers of Jade.

As mentioned earlier, Jade’s mother had a little girl, Jana, when she started dating Jimmy. The musician adopted Jimena’s daughter. The couple had two more children, Zofia, and Ashen Josan.

Jimmy has a big family from different marriages. Despite the divorces, the family stays close to each other.

Final Thoughts

Zofia is a young woman with so much ahead of her. She may not be a legendary rock musician, but she is full of life. We hope to see more of her amazing work in the future.

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