Popular for being the daughter of well-known American actor parents, Laurey Boone is an American celebrity. She herself is a teacher and writer. There is a lot to learn about her.

So today, let’s get a bit deeper and find more information about her childhood, parents, early life, work, net worth, and other personal details.

Personal details

The exact birthdate and birthplace of Laurey Boone are not known. After looking at her, we can assume that she must be over 45. The names of her parents are Pat Boone and Shirley Boone. Coming to her personal life, the gorgeous lady is a married woman. However, the name of her husband is not known. She herself has never talked about the man of her life.

Parents and siblings

Boone is the daughter of a well-known personality. Her father Pat Boone is a famous actor and singer. On the other hand, her mother is a renowned actress too. Today her mother is dead. Her parents shared a wonderful love story. They were together for 65 years till the death of her mother. Laurey Boone has three siblings from her parents and their names are Linda Boone, Cherry Boone, and Debby Boone.


There is not much information available about the personal life of Laurey Boone. All we know about her personal life is that she is a mother of 3. Their names are not known.

Education and profession

With the fact that Laurey Boone belongs to a well-established family, we can say that she must have attended some top-level schools and gained a good education. However,  there is confirmed information available regarding the same. As for her profession, she is a popular writer and a teacher. Besides that, she is also a singer and a performer.

Reason for the popularity of Laurey Boone

The sole reason for the popularity of Laurey Boone is her parents. Her father Pat Boone is a renowned singer, who ruled the music industry at his time. During his young age, he was often spotted with his kids. Thus, Laurey Boone got popular. Another factor for her popularity is her mother, who has done some wonderful works in the acting field. Nevertheless, the gorgeous lady herself has a great personality and has established herself as a remarkable writer.

Net worth of Laurey Boone

As we said, Laurey Boone keeps her personal life under the wraps, there is not much information available about her income source and net worth. However, we can say that the lady must be an owner of a good amount of money. The reason being, she is a well–known writer and a teacher. Since she was born with a silver spoon in her mouth, she enjoyed a privileged childhood and, of course, a lavish life, full of all comforts.


Laurey Boone is a mother of three kids. Yet, she manages to flourish in her profession. She is a successful writer and a great teacher. We can say that Laurey Boone is a really multi-talented lady.

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