A $3.5 million grant for housing revitalization in Joplin in 2023 advanced the City Council’s key community improvement projects. This investment aims to enhance the overall appearance and livability of the area, making it a more attractive place for residents and visitors alike. As these community efforts take shape, homeowners need to ensure their homes also look their best to complement the broader revitalization.

Keeping your house presentable not only enhances its aesthetic appeal but also contributes to a positive and welcoming atmosphere. This article provides practical tips to help you maintain a clean and organized home. By following these strategies, you can ensure that your home remains inviting and pleasant at all times.

Let’s have a look:

1. Use Storage Units Wisely

Decluttering is a fundamental step in keeping your home presentable. Excess items and clutter can make a space feel chaotic and uninviting. However, one effective solution for managing these items is to use storage units. For Joplin homeowners, opting for storage units is a convenient way to store belongings that are not needed regularly. Seasonal clothes, decorations, and other infrequently used items can be stored away safely, freeing up valuable space in your home.

For residents in Joplin Missouri storage units can help keep their living areas tidy and organized. By removing items that contribute to clutter, you create a more open and spacious environment. In turn, this not only improves the visual appeal of your home but also makes it easier to clean and maintain. Regularly assessing your belongings and storing away unnecessary items can significantly enhance the overall presentation of your home.

2. Establish a Cleaning Routine

Maintaining a clean home requires consistency. Creating a consistent cleaning schedule can help you manage household tasks and prevent the buildup of dirt and clutter. Develop daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning checklists to ensure every part of your home gets the necessary attention. Daily tasks can include making the bed, washing dishes, and wiping down countertops. Weekly chores might involve vacuuming, mopping, and cleaning bathrooms. Monthly tasks can focus on deep cleaning appliances and washing windows.

Having a structured cleaning routine makes the process more manageable and less overwhelming. By breaking down tasks into smaller, regular intervals, you can maintain a clean home without spending hours cleaning all at once. A routine also ensures that no area of your home is neglected, helping you keep every room presentable. Over time, these consistent efforts will make a noticeable difference in the cleanliness and organization of your home.

3. Focus on High-Traffic Areas

High-traffic areas in your home, such as the living room, kitchen, and entryway, are often the most visible and can quickly become cluttered and dirty. Focusing on these areas can have a significant impact on the overall appearance of your home. Ensure that these spaces are regularly tidied and cleaned to maintain a welcoming environment.

Simple actions like daily tidying and spot cleaning can go a long way in keeping high-traffic areas presentable. In the living room, make it a habit to straighten cushions, fold throws, and put away any items left out. In the kitchen, wiping down surfaces and cleaning up spills immediately can prevent the area from looking messy. Keeping the entryway organized by providing designated spots for shoes, coats, and keys can also make a positive first impression. By giving extra attention to these key areas, you can ensure your home always looks its best.

4. Incorporate Smart Storage Solutions

Smart storage solutions can significantly enhance the functionality and appearance of your home. Using storage bins, baskets, and furniture with built-in storage can help keep your items organized and out of sight. For instance, ottomans with storage compartments, beds with drawers underneath, and coffee tables with hidden storage can all provide extra space without compromising on style.

Incorporating these smart storage solutions helps maintain a clutter-free environment. By ensuring that every item has a designated place, you can prevent clutter from accumulating on surfaces and in high-traffic areas. This approach not only makes your home look more organized but also makes cleaning easier. Regularly organizing and decluttering these storage solutions will keep your home tidy and presentable.

5. Make Use of Decorative Elements

Decorative elements can enhance the visual appeal of your home while keeping it presentable. Items like throw pillows, rugs, and wall art, can add personality and style to your space. However, it’s important to choose decorations that are easy to clean and maintain. Opt for machine-washable throw pillows and rugs, and regularly dust wall art and other decorative items to keep them looking fresh.

When decorating, less can often be more. Select a few key pieces that complement your home’s color scheme and style rather than overcrowding the space with decorations. This approach ensures your home looks stylish and curated without appearing cluttered. Regularly updating or rotating your decorative elements can also keep your home feeling fresh and inviting.

6. Maintain the Exterior

The exterior of your home is the first thing visitors see, so it’s important to keep it well-maintained. Regular lawn care – mowing the grass, trimming bushes, and weeding flower beds – can significantly improve your home’s curb appeal. Additionally, keeping your driveway and walkways clean and free of debris enhances the overall appearance of your property.

Maintaining the exterior also includes tasks like cleaning windows, painting or power washing the exterior walls, and ensuring the front porch or entryway is tidy. A well-maintained exterior creates a positive first impression and complements the cleanliness and organization of the interior. Regularly inspecting and maintaining the exterior of your home will ensure it remains presentable and welcoming year-round.


Keeping your house presentable at all times requires regular effort and smart solutions. By using storage units wisely, establishing a cleaning routine, focusing on high-traffic areas, incorporating smart storage solutions, making use of decorative elements, and maintaining the exterior, you can create a clean and inviting home. These practical tips help ensure that your home always looks its best, complementing the broader community improvements in Joplin. Maintaining a presentable home not only enhances its aesthetic appeal but also contributes to a positive and welcoming atmosphere.

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