Akio Bouillon is one of the 12 adoptive children of French actress, singer, and dancer Josephine Baker and her husband, Jo Bouillon. Akio is of Japanese origin; he is a very private individual, so little is known about him. When his mother died, he had words to say about his mom, describing her as a great human.

Regarding her personal life, Akio has not mentioned who he is married to and how many kids he has.

The Love Life of Akio Bouillon’s Mother

Akio Bouillon’s love life was quite adventurous; she married four times and had other romantic relationships. At 13, she married Willie Wells, a Pullman Porter; their marriage ended soon after as Baker was unhappy. She married William Howard Baker in her second marriage, but their union was short-lived.

Josephine Baker’s third marriage was to Jean Lion, but their union lasted only three years. In 1941, she was pregnant, but her child was stillborn, and her uterus had to be removed. Her last marriage was to Jo Bouillon, which lasted over a decade. Since she had lost her uterus, Akio’s mother decided to adopt children.

According to one of her children, Baker also had romantic relationships with women.

The Chateau des Milandes Castle

Akio Bouillon’s mother rented Chateau des Milandes to raise a rainbow family, which did not have boundaries of color, origin, or country. Josephine believed that despite our differences, we all have the same heart and want to be loved. Akio grew up with her his 11 siblings in the castle.

Within the compound, Akio’s mother opened a school and a park, and students from the community were invited. The children, including Akio Bouillon, had a chance to mingle with jazz artists. After staying in the castle for over ten years, things started getting worse for Josephine as she couldn’t pay the bills.

She was kicked out with her twelve children; luckily, Princess Grace, her friend, came to her rescue. She bought her a villa and ensured it had everything with her family.

About His Mother

Akio Bouillon’s mother was a lot of things; she was an actress, singer, dancer, spy, and civil rights activist. Josephine Baker started her dancing career when she was 13, but she found success in her late teen years. She used to travel all over Europe to perform and used her fame to spy for French allies.

Akio’s mother used to hide military men in her basement; she even gave them food and whatever else they needed. As an activist, she fought for the rights of people of color. She often spoke out in cases of racial discrimination.

His Mother’s Death

Four days before her death, Akio’s mother entertained guests and her fans at Bobino, Paris. After the event, she went to her home then found on April 12, 1975, lying on her bed in a coma. She was rushed to Pitie-Salpetriere Hospital, and the doctors noted that she had a cerebral hemorrhage. Unfortunately, she died the same day, aged 68.

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