Salesha Ali came into the limelight as the wife of American television director and actor James Whitmore Jr. Despite most of her family members being in the entertainment industry; she has decided to be behind the cameras to support them where she can. Salesha married James on March 28, 1972, and they have four children Aliah, James, Jacob, and one other.

Salesha Ali has not revealed personal details, including her age, but she is of Indian origin; when James took her to his parents, they loved her, and she later became James’s wife and mother of his four kids

In an interview, Salesha’s husband mentioned that almost everyone in the family is involved in the film business, including Salesha Ali. They have a theatre company called Whitmore Eclectic; despite not having a significant role, Salesha helped her husband and children with staging and preparing rooms or places for filming.

Her Husband

James Whitmore Jr was born to actor James Whitmore, so he was destined to continue with the family tradition and become an actor. As an actor, Salesha Ali’s husband is known for appearing in The Rockford Files as Freddie Beamer and Baa Baa Black Sheep as Captain Jim Gutterman.

Salesha Ali’s husband also appeared as Bernie Terwilliger in the television show Hunter from 1984 to 1986. In the 1980s, James had a minor role in Magnum P.I., appearing in two episodes. Salesha’s husband’s other acting roles include Highway to Heaven, Quantum Leap, The Twilight Zone, Don’t Cry, It’s Only Thunder, and The Greatest American Hero.

James Whitmore Jr has also directed several shows, including 21 Jump Street, Beverly Hills, 90210, Dead Like Me, Get Real, Las Vegas, Madam Secretary, Notorious, Roswell, The Resident, and The X-Files, among several others.

Her Children

Salesha Ali’s children have also been active in the acting industry. Her daughter Aliah is an actress and film director. She has worked on several projects with her father, some of which she was directing him, and they had a great partnership. Some of Salesha’s daughter’s projects include Mad Chicken, NCIS: Los Angeles, and NCIS.

Salesha’s other two sons are also involved in the acting industry, but there is one who little is known about him and is not engaged in acting, producing, or directing.

What is the Net Worth of Salesha Ali’s Husband

Salesha Ali’s husband has not only been in the entertainment industry as an actor, but he also started his own filming company and worked on several projects with her daughter and sons. He has made money from his acting roles, and as a director, his net worth is estimated to be approximately 5 million dollars. With that money, Salesha can stay home and look after her grandchildren.

Is Salesha Ali Active on Social Media?

Salesha Ali dislikes publicity and prefers to remain behind the cameras. She is not on social media, which can be partially due to her age, but she does not like the spotlight. Besides, her husband is not active on social media platforms; the same applies to their children, who may probably have private accounts.

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