Amaris Jayne Billington is a British National. She is mostly known for being one of the children of Thomas Billington, also known as Dynamite Kid. There’s very little information about her on the internet. However, let’s give you a quick breakdown of her father.

Amaris Father, Dynamite Kid

Thomas Billington, better known by his ring moniker the Dynamite Kid, was a British professional wrestler who competed from 5 December 1958 to 5 December 2018.

He wrestled in the World Wrestling Federation (WWF), All Japan Pro Wrestling (AJPW), Stampede Wrestling, and New Japan Pro-Wrestling while being trained by former wrestler “Dr Death” Ted Betley (NJPW). He was also well-known for being one half of the tag team The British Bulldogs with his cousin Davey Boy Smith.

Tiger Mask in Japan and Bret Hart in Canada were the targets of his major feuds. Many people, including Bret Hart, believe that Billington was one of wrestling’s most important in-ring performers. He elevated the sport’s athleticism by fusing styles from Britain, Mexico, Canada, and Japan.

Billington was born in the English county of Lancashire, Golborne. He had two sisters, a brother called Mark and two sisters. His grandpa Thomas Billington was a bare-knuckle boxer, as were his father Bill, uncle Eric, and uncle Thomas. He belonged to the Billington family.  James Billington, one of his relatives, was also a wrestler.

He didn’t prioritize academics, but he was interested in athletics at his comprehensive school. Through his dedication to wrestling and gymnastics, in particular, he was able to build a relatively small, yet powerful and nimble body. Additionally, he had received boxing instruction during his early years, which contributed to the development of his toughness prior to beginning his profession.

Billington’s first marriage ended in divorce in 1991; they had one son and two daughters. Michelle Smadu was the sister of Bret Hart’s then-wife Julie. After his marriage to Michelle came to an end, he returned to Golborne with his parents after leaving Canada. He got remarried there to a woman named Dot, with whom he produced three stepsons: John, Steven, and Mark. Billington had two grandchildren, Miami and Taya, before his death. He is currently survived by Madix and Harlow, two additional grandchildren.

Wayne Hart was tight with Billington. When Billington was a resident of Calgary, they shared ownership of an apartment where they both resided with their respective girlfriends.

Billington lost the use of his left leg in 1997 after having a great lot of difficulty walking as a result of the numerous back and leg injuries he had sustained over his career. He was looked after by his second wife, Dot. It was predicted that Billington would never be able to walk again. Prior to his death, Harley Race, the creator of the diving headbutt (a move Chris Benoit also commonly used), expressed sorrow for having created the move because it is thought to have caused spinal issues, and concussions, and may have contributed to Billington’s paralysis. Billington endured heart issues in addition to his immobility. Billington apparently experienced a stroke in November 2013.

On December 5, 2018, Billington passed away. He was 60 years old. The precise reason for his death is still unknown, however, the BBC’s article on it discussed it in relation to the aforementioned health problems.

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