Anastasia Konstantinov is the daughter of Vladimir Konstantinov, a retired professional ice hockey player. He spent his whole NHL career with the Detroit Red Wings and had previously played for the Soviet team CSKA Moscow. Six days after the Red Wings’ 1997 Stanley Cup victory, his career ended in a limousine crash accident. Let’s read more about Anastasia Konstantinov, his father’s career, family background, and more.

Net Worth of Anastasia Konstantinov

We don’t know the net worth of Anastasia Konstantinov since she keeps all the information private. His father, Vladimir Konstantinov, is one of the wealthiest and most well-known hockey players, with a net worth of $5 million based on our analysis of data from some sources.

Career Details of Anastasia Konstantinov

We don’t know much about her career because she’s a little secretive about her personal and professional life. She must be a successful woman just like her father is renowned worldwide. His father, Vladimir Konstantinov, impressed a scout for the Detroit Red Wings at the 1987 World Junior Championships. The organization selected him with the 221st overall pick in the 1989 NHL Entry Draft.

He played more aggressively than most of his Russian peers, focusing on confounding his opponents. While he was known to his teammates as “Vladdie,” his aggressive playing style earned him the title “the Red Shark,” “Vladinator,” and “Vlad the Impaler” among the media and fans.

Early Life and Family History of Anastasia Konstantinov

As we said earlier, she’s very particular about her personal and professional life. She doesn’t like to share anything with the public, which is why we don’t know much about her family. We only know that she is the daughter of Vladimir Konstantinov and Irina Konstantinov. Vladimir never disclosed anything about his wife. She lives in Florida with Anastasia, and she is their only child. Please let us know if you think we’re missing out on any details or if we provided any wrong information.

International Career of Anastasia’s Father

For the Soviet Union, Konstantinov competed in six international competitions. The Punch-up at Piestany, a bench-clearing brawl, happened during the 1987 World Junior Ice Hockey Championship between Canada and the Soviet Union. In a last-ditch effort to end the 20-minute brawl, officials are famous for turning off the arena lights during the battle. Greg Hawgood’s nose was broken during the fight when Konstantinov struck him with a headbutt. Due to the altercation, both teams were eliminated from the competition.

Retirement of Vladimir Konstantinov

Since his accident, Konstantinov’s condition has significantly improved. Despite still having difficulty walking and speaking, he has been spotted many times a season in Detroit, sitting in a VIP box to watch Red Wings games. The Red Wings have not formally retired Konstantinov’s 16th jersey. But since then, no player has been given that number out of respect for him.

Final Verdict

Anastasia Konstantinov is a celebrity kid who received fame due to his father’s successful career. She is living her life away from the media and is successful. We’ll try to find more details about her and update it soon.


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