Anna Marie Scheitlin was the mother of J. Edgar Hoover, an American law enforcement administrator. She was born on September 12, 1859, in Washington, Magdalena, Colombia, and her parents were Jacob Scheitlin and Margaret Scheitlin. She married Dickerson Naylor Hoover and was blessed with five children: Dickerson Naylor Hoover Jr, Lilian Hoover, Sadie Marguerite Hoover, Margurite C Rhodes, and John Edgar Hoover.

Anna Marie Scheitlin’s son

John Edgar was an American law enforcement administrator. He served as the first Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in the United States of America. Anna Marie Scheitlin’s son was appointed in 1924 as the Director of the Bureau of Investigation, the FBI’s predecessor.

He played a vital role in founding the Federal Bureau of Investigation in 1935 and took the position of Director for thirty-seven years until his death in 1972. As a director of the FBI, he achieved a lot. He built the FBI into a more major crime-fighting agency and instituted several modernizations in police technology, including; a centralized fingerprint file and forensic laboratories.

John Hoover also established and expanded a national blacklist in the Federal Bureau of Investigation known as the FBI Index or Index List

In his early life, Anna Marie’s son lived most of his life in Washington, D.C.  John went to Central High School and used to sing in the school choir. He also participated in a Training Corps program, Reserve officers, and competed in the debate team.

Anne Marie Scheitlin’s son was 18 when he landed his first job as a messenger in the orders department at the Library of Congress. John Hoover believed his job as a messenger trained him in the value of collating material, giving him an excellent foundation for his work in the FBI.

He graduated from the George Washington University Law School with a bachelor’s degree in Law. He was hired immediately by the Justice Department to work in the War Emergency Division as a clerk.

Anna Marie’s son’s Legacy

Most Americans considered J. Edgar Hoover a hero since he built the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) into a modern organization majoring in professionalism and scientific crime-fighting. He worked to groom the image of the FBI in the media, and the Warner Brothers consulted him on a theatrical film, The FBI Story, a film about the FBI.

Anna Marie’s son ensured the Warner Brothers portrayed the FBI more favorably than any other crime drama. Despite his excellent work as the FBI director, he abused power; he used his position to harass political dissidents to amass secret files for blackmailing politicians, collect evidence using vigilantism, and threaten others.

Due to his misuse of power, the term of an FBI director was limited to ten years and can only be extended by the United States Senate. Anna Marie’s son died of a heart attack in 1972.

Her Death

Anna Marie Scheitlin died on February 22, 1938, at age 78, in Washington, Columbia, the United States, where she was buried.

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