There are only a few people who get popular because of their children. Isn’t it? Well, Anne Marie Timpf is one of those people. Her daughter makes her popular.

Want to know about her daughter and all other information about Anne Marie Timpf? Then, read on further to find out about the early life, education, profession, net worth, and other details of Anne Marie Timpf.

Personal life

There is no information available about the birth of Anne Marie Timpf. Her birthplace and birthdate are not known. If we look at her, we can say today she is definitely over 50 years old.

Coming to her love life, the beautiful lady seems to be a little conservative in this sense. She has never ever talked about her personal life publicly. All we know about her personal life is that her husband’s name is Daniel Timpf. When the couple started dating and got married, is not known. There is no news of their separation either. So, they are probably together as of today.

Parents and siblings

Here again, you will not find any information. As we already said, Anne Marie Timpf keeps her personal life really private, there is no information known to the public regarding her life. The lady herself has never talked about her parents and siblings.


Anne Marie Timpf has a successful marriage with her husband Daniel. Together, the couple has three kids. The names of their kids are Julia Timpf, Elliot Timpf, and Katherine Timpf. All of her kids are professionally established. Kat Timpf is a well-known television personality, reporter, and comedian.

Education and profession

The educational background of Anne Marie Timpf is still a mystery to the public. There is not at all any information available regarding this. Given the fact, we can’t say much about the education of Anne Marie Timpf. The same goes for her profession. The lady has never talked about her profession either. She might be a working lady or a housewife, we don’t know.

Reason for the popularity of Anne Marie Timpf

Her daughter! It’s her daughter, who makes her a celebrity. Though all of her kids are quite successful in their respective professions, her daughter Kat Timpf is known for a career in journalism. She is a television personality, a reporter, and a comedian. Her daughter shares pictures with her mother and this gave a boost to her popularity.

Her daughter has been an eminent member of the Fox news channel’s Gutfeld program since 2015.

Net worth of Anne Marie Timpf

As we already said, the profession of Anne Marie Timpf is not known. Given the fact, we don’t know the main source of her income. So, how can we tell the net worth of this beautiful lady?

However, after looking at her lifestyle, it seems like she is enjoying a lavish and extravagant lifestyle. Owing to the fact, she must be churning out a huge amount of money. She has just kept it under wrap.


Anne Marie Timpf is a wonderful mother. She has raised her children in a very good manner and made them capable enough to achieve something in their life. Today, her daughter is a famous personality in American TV media.

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