Antonimar Mello is known thanks to his wife, Lisa Velez, an American singer. Mello’s wife became popular in the 1980s when she was part of the band Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam, which consisted of her as a vocalist, Mike Hughes as the drummer and keyboardist, and Alex Moseley as the guitarist.

Personal Life

In the early 2000s, Antonimar Mello was already dating Lisa Velez before they decided to tie the knot in 2005. The couple has been together for over 17 years but has kept their personal life away from the public. It is unclear if they have children since they have not revealed that information.

Antonimar Mello has been secretive about his personal life; his birthplace, year of birth, parents, and siblings are unknown.

Antonimar’s Wife

Lisa Velez was the lastborn in her family; her mother worked as a babysitter to provide for the needs of her ten children while her father was absent. She and her sisters joined the church choir and were active singers. At school, Antonimar Mello’s wife was a good student and was part of a school music group that sang several songs by Broadway musicals and Motown.

His Wife’s Music Career

After completing high school, Lisa Velez often participated in music auditions, and while auditioning for Full Force, a Brooklyn production team, she met Mike Hughes. They later formed the band Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam, made of three, with Alex Moseley joining the group. Immediately after forming the band, they released their first song; I Wonder If I Take You Home.

Antonimar’s wife and her band signed with Columbia Records and re-released their debut single. In the 1980s, the band released several other hit songs, but their fame started declining in the late 1980s with their songs not doing well. They released their album Straight Outta Hell’s Kitchen but did not achieve the commercial success as their previous ones.

Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam disbanded in 1991, with each group member embarking on their endeavors. Antonimar Mello’s wife continued to sing as a solo singer and tried her luck in acting. In 1994, Antonimar’s wife released her debut album, LL77, featuring songs such as Skip to My Lu and When I Fell in Love.

In 2001, Antonimar’s wife had a role in the sitcom Tiana. She also appeared in an episode of Law & Order. As of 2019, Lisa Velez was signed by Snoop Dogg Entertainment Company.

Net Worth

What Antonimar Mello does to earn a living and so is his net worth. However, his wife has a net worth of approximately 3 million dollars. Lisa has made her fortune through her singing career. Given his wife’s wealth, Mello is probably living a comfortable life.

His Wife’s Social Media Presence

Antonimar Mello is not active on social media platforms, but his wife is, particularly on Instagram, where she has over 100k followers. Lisa Velez rarely shares pictures of her husband on her Instagram page; most posts are pictures and videos with friends.

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