Antonio Pinedo Kahlo was born in 1932 to his parents Christina Kahlo y Calderon and Antonio Pineda Chambon. Antonio Pinedo Kahlo was the second born in the family, and he was blessed with a sibling called Isolda Pineda Kahlo. Antonio’s family lived with his mother, sister, an aunt named Frida, and his mother’s partner Diego Rivera.

Antonio Pinedo Kahlo’s Family

Antonio was born in 1932 but was not the firstborn in the family as he had a sister Isolda Pineda Kahlo born in 1929. There is little known about Antonio Pineda Chambon, Antonio Pinedo Kahlo’s father, as he had left them when he was born.

When Antonio Pinedo Kahlo was eighteen years, he decided to drop his father’s surname and started using his mother’s. This was contributed by the fact that Antonio Pinedo Kahlo knew little about his father because he neglected them when he was born.

The maternal grandparents of Antonio Pinedo Kahlo are Guillermo Kahlo and Matilde Calderon. Antonio Pinedo Kahlo’s grandfather Gullermo Kahlo is known to have worked as a professional photographer.

Antonio Pinedo Kahlo’s Mother, Christina Kahlo

Antonio Pinedo Kahlo’s mother, who is remembered as Christina Kahlo, was the artist’s sister, Frida Kahlo. Christina Kahlo was the youngest daughter in the Kahlo family, and she was born in June 1908 in Coyoacan, Mexico City, Mexico.

Antonio Pinedo Kahlo’s mother was not known to be married, but she had her children with her first partner Antonio Pineda Chambon. Chambon later neglected the family when Antonio Pinedo Kahlo was born.

Antonio Pineda Kahlo’s mother had an affair with Diego Rivera. Christina Kahlo, Antonio Pinedo’s mother, was Diego Rivera’s favorite subject, and he often painted her in the nude in his artwork.

Christina Kahlo, Antonio Pinedo Kahlo’s mother, was depicted in the artworks of Diego Rivera. He described her on the South Wall of his mural, the History of Mexico: The World of Today and Tomorrow. Moreover, Antonio Pinedo Kahlo’s mother appeared in Rivera’s Figure of Knowledge in the Ministry of Health.

Antonio Pinedo Kahlo’s aunt Frida also used her sister Christina as a subject in some of her paintings. Frida painted the portrait of Christina near the start of her career. Christina Kahlo was featured in the 2013 exhibition titled Coexistences.

Diego, Christina Kahlo’s partner, turned Christina and Frida’s childhood house La Casa Azul in Coyoacan, into a museum of Frida’s work. The idea did not please Antonio Pinedo Kahlo’s mother. Unfortunately, Christina separated from Diego after the death of her sister Frida.

Antonio Pinedo’s mother used to work as a gallery assistant, then later as a photographer, artist, and gallery owner. In the territory of Mexican women photographers, Christina Kahlo earned her place.

Is Antonio Pinedo’s Mother Alive?

Christina Kahlo, the mother of Antonio Pinedo Kahlo, is dead. Christina passed away back in February 1964 and passed away at the age of fifty-five years. At the time of her death, she was in Coyocan, Mexico City, Mexico.

Where is Antonio Pinedo Kahlo?

Antonio Pinedo Kahlo passed away in 1974. He passed away at the age of 42years, and the cause of his death is yet to be discovered. Also, his sister Isolda passed away in 2007.

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