Atlee Bay Meyer was born on May 8, 2017, to Dakota Meyer and Bristol Palin. Four-year-old Atlee’s maternal grandmother is Sarah Louise Palin.

Altee and her two siblings are the only grandchildren of Sarah Palin and ex-husband Todd Palin who don’t bear the “Palin” name.

Atlee Celebrity Status Soon after Birth

Atlee became famous even before she was born. Although Bristol conceived her as an adult and married, her previous pregnancies had attracted a lot of attention, especially her first pregnancy. Sarah Palin’s strong opposition to abortion directed much attention to Bristol.

Naturally, her third pregnancy announcement captured the media and public’s attention.

Bristol and Meyer announced Atlee’s birth on social media and even shared numerous adorable photographs of the newborn, making her an instant celebrity.

Bristol stated that Atlee’s birth was relatively easy and thanked her husband and hospital staff for their support.

Atlee’s birth weight was seven pounds and four ounces, and she was approximately 20 inches tall. She was born with lots of dark hair.

One week after her birth, her mother celebrated her in a blog where she described her birth and the family’s decision to move to Texas.

Atlee’s Father

Atlee’s father is a retired US Marine who has served in Iraq (2007) and Afghanistan (2009 to 2010). Dakota is the first marine in four decades to get the Medal of Honor while still living. He’s also the second youngest person to receive this award.

Today, Dakota is a motivational speaker who covers topics on leadership, courage, and inspiration. He is also a successful businessman and continues to serve as a US Marine Corps Reserve officer. He is a father of two.

Atlee’s Mother

Atlee’s Mother, Bristol Sheeran Palin, is an American real estate agent, public speaker, and reality television star. However, most people know her as Sarah Palin’s daughter. Bristol is the second-born of Todd and Sarah Palin’s five children.

Bristol first captured the attention of the media and the US nation in early 2008 following discussions among Republicans on whether the 17-year-old’s pregnancy would be a liability to her mother’s political career. Her statement that dismissed abstinence also gave the media plenty of fodder to chew.

Bristol was in the limelight the same year when her wedding to her baby’s father, Levi Johnson, was made public during the GOP national convention. Later, she became Candie’s foundation spokesperson despite fierce criticism.

She gave birth to Tripp Easton Johnson two months after celebrating her 18th birthday. A year later, her engagement to Johnson fell apart, and the two engaged in a court battle for custody. The two later reconciled, re-engaged but broke up for good in 2010, giving Bristol full custody of Tripp.

She announced her engagement to Dakota Meyer in March 2015 and three months later announced that she was pregnant with his child. Her announcements triggered discussions on whether she should abort since her family and friends felt disappointed with her pregnancy.

Nonetheless, she chose to carry the pregnancy to full term and gave birth to Sailor Grace Meyer in December 2015. She married Meyer in June 2016 and soon announced she was expecting her third child. She gave birth to her third child Atlee, in 2017.

The couple separated at the beginning of 2018 and finalized their divorce in August 2018. Meyer cited Bristol’s unhappiness with the marriage as the reason for their divorce.

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