Atlin Owens came to the limelight through his dad, Terrell Owens. Being the child of a widely recognized and legendary American football wide receiver can make you famous. Many people love him because he is a celebrity kid.

Besides, who wouldn’t want to know the kins of the NFL footballer who made history. Owen caught a touchdown against every opponent he played against (32 teams in total). He is the first to break that kind of record in history.

Here, you will find out all the vital information about Atlin and his family.

Personal Life

Atlin Owen is an American citizen. Although he was born in the U.S., details about the specific place, date, and year remain concealed. However, judging from the pictures posted by his parents on social media, he is probably in his teens.

The youngster is of African-American descent. His parents are Terrell Owens and Rachel Snider. However, the parents are not together anymore; they separated a few years ago. The divorce was finalized in 2015.

Besides, about six years ago, his father made a whole post about the boy’s seventh birthday festivities. In his speech, he said, “It is that time of year again and the culmination of ALL of my party planning efforts for my son, Atlin’s, birthday party proved to be a HUGE success in the past!

Yours truly could not be happier than to see him grow into the young man he is becoming. I feel like it was just yesterday we were celebrating his 7th birthday. HA!” He goes on and on to say how it was successful and says his son got his birthday wish; for his father to be present.


Atlin is the third child from a family of four. He has two sisters and a brother. The oldest of Terrell’s children is Terique Owens. He was born on the 25th of September 1999. Like his dad, Terique is passionate about football and follows in his footsteps.

Kylee Owens is Atlin’s sister. She went to City high school and plays volleyball. Unlike her father, she has no interest in football.

Dasha is the youngest Owens sibling. Most of the information about her remains concealed by the family. However, there are photos of Dasha and the family on social media.

Atlin’s Career and Net Worth

Atlin Owens is only a teenager. He is probably studying. Details about his education and academic level are unknown to the public. Besides, he may still be too young to have a professional life.

On the other hand, his father is a professional football player. He has generated substantial amounts of wealth from his successful NFL career. It is plausible to assume that he makes a good living. Thus his children live a comfortable and luxurious life. Terrell Owens’ net worth is three million dollars.

Final Thoughts

Atlin Owens is a young man with a bright future ahead of him. He comes from a loving and caring family. Thus, we hope to see more of him as he grows into the best version of himself.


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