Ava James Dayoub is the daughter of actress and ex-wife of Chris D’Elia, Emily Montague. Her father is Damon Dayoub, and he is also an actor. The young celebrity child was born in California, USA, on December 29, 2017. Ava James has one sibling, a younger sister named Ryan Elizabeth Dayoub.

Ava James Dayoub is deeply loved and cared for by her parents; her father’s Instagram posts tell you how much she means to her. They often go on hikes and family dates together. She also likes spending time with her younger sister and having fun with her.

Moving on to her education, Ava James Dayoub is probably in kindergarten, but her parents are yet to mention her current education level. However, they like posting about their daughter and will probably tell their fans of their daughter’s progress in high school or college.

How Ava’s Parents Met

Ava James’s parents have not mentioned under which circumstances they met, but they have been married since 2015. After months, the two lovebirds decided to take their relationship into the next step, exchanging their wedding vows on May 2, 2015, in a beautiful ceremony. Emily and Damon have been together for seven years and have two beautiful daughters.

Before meeting Damon, Ava’s mother was married to comedian Chris D’Elia. Chris and Emily started dating in 2002, and after four years, they got married; however, their marriage was short-lived. They divorced in 2010, and during their ten-year relationship, they had no children together. Emily never mentioned why she divorced Chris.

Not much is on the internet about Ava James’s father’s previous romantic relationships, but he is now a loving husband to Emily Montague and a caring father to his daughters.

Her Mother’s Profession

After her high school education, Emily Montague ventured into the modeling industry before landing a few acting roles. She appeared in Days of Our Lives, Fright Night, and The Endless, portraying Jennifer Danube. Ava’s mother also produced two short films, Waiting for Nana and Wide Open.

Given Emily’s few roles as an actor, she quit and focused on something else. She now works as an Esthetician at Shani Darden Studio, Beverly Hills. Ava’s mother likes posting her work on her Instagram account, whose handle is @emilymontagueskin.

Net Worth of Ava James Dayoub’s Parents

Ava’s mother’s acting career was short-lived, but she has since ventured into the skin-care business, making money to cater to her family’s needs. Besides, Damon is still active in the acting industry. Ava’s parents’ exact net worth is unknown, but their wealth is enough to cater to their family’s needs.

Social Media

Everyone in Ava James Dayoub’s family is on at least one social media platform. She has a private Instagram account, which her mother runs. Her younger sister also has an Instagram handle. Nevertheless, you can view pictures of Ava on her parents’ social media handles. Ava’s father always posts a photo of his daughter on her birthday every year.

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