If you are a wrestling fan, you can’t miss knowing who Matt Hardy is. The pro wrestler is the father of Bartholomew Kit Hardy. Matt Hardy couldn’t keep calm about the news of his son. In this guide, we will discuss who Bartholomew Kit Hardy is, his parents, and other information about him.

Bartholomew Kit Hardy – Bio

Bartholomew is a celebrity kid thanks to the reputation of his father. Bartholomew was born on December 4, 2019. Bartholomew was born at home at 4:16 AM with the help of professional midwives and doulas.

Bartholomew is the third born of Matt Hardy and Rebecca Reyes. At the time of his birth, Bartholomew had two siblings. Maxel was four years old, and Wolfgang Xander was two years old.

Before the birth of Bartholomew, his parents took to Instagram to express how excited they were about their new incoming family member. His mother even shared a picture showing her baby’s belly a day before his birth. Matt Hardy also shared numerous photos f his family with messages of how much he appreciated and loved them.

The birth of Bartholomew was good news to the family, and he was an additional crew member. We can only wait and see if he takes the wrestling career like his parents. His parents have laid a low profile about more information about Bartholomew, but we will keep an eye out for new information and share it with you.

Bartholomew’s Parents

Bartholomew is a lucky child for being born to parents who are both wrestlers. Her father, Matt Hardy, is a professional wrestler with numerous titles, including Ring of Honor world tag team champion. He also has numerous tag team championship titles.

Bartholomew’s mother, Rebecca, is popularly known as Reby Sky. She is a professional wrestler and radio and TV personality. Moreover, she is a famous Playboy model. Reby Sky has appeared numerous times in the WWE and is also a pianist.

More on Bartholomew’s Father

Bartholomew’s father is Mathew Moore Hardy. He is an American professional wrestler with a height of 1.85 m and an approximate weight of 110 kg. His eye and hair color are brown. Matt Hardy had his WWE debut on July 1, 1994. His trainer is Doris Funk, and his finishing moves include diving leg drop, side effect, and twist of fate.

Matt Hardy was born on September 23, 1974, in Cameron, North Carolina. His zodiac sign is Virgo, and his nationality is American. Bartholomew’s father is a Christian, and he studied at Union Pines High School and attended different colleges, including the University of North Carolina and Sandhills Community College.

Matt Hardy has had a successful wrestling career and has numerous tag team championships under his belt. His main activities and performance have been with his brother Jeff Hardy. As a solo wrestler, he has also won championships. Ideally, Matt Hardy is a gifted and trained pro wrestler. His success in entertainment has guaranteed he will give his family a good life.


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