Ever since 2020, when Beckett Mercer was announced, everyone has tried to get a glimpse into this young boy’s life. Currently, at two years, Beckett Mercer has gathered fame and popularity, thanks to his parents’ reputation. The story of Beckett Mercer is an interesting one, and you will love some of the details about his life and family. Take a look.

Beckett Mercer Ferguson’s Parents

If you are a fan of Modern Family, then you already know who Beckett Mercer Ferguson’s parents are. Beckett is the son of Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Justin Mikita, for those in the dark. Ferguson has appeared in the Modern Family comedy series, and everyone loves his acting. The gay couple welcomed their son on July 7, 2020, and they couldn’t hide their overexcitement to become a family of three.

The couple hosted a splendid baby shower, and most Modern Family actors came to support their own. The celebration was epic, with performances from a group of swimmers, and the love messages channeled towards Beckett’s parents were remarkable.

Ferguson and Mikita married in 2013 in downtown. Mikita is a lawyer, and they planned to have their marriage ceremony, but unfortunately, the Supreme court banned same-sex marriage. Nonetheless, they shifted and chose to marry in New York instead of California, where they currently live.

Beckett’s Dad – Justin Mikita

Beckett’s dad, Justin Mikita, is a famous lawyer, American actor, entertainer, model, and producer. He is popular for playing roles in movies like “Broadway Rising” and “Island Queen.” He was born on September 10, 1985, in Tarzana, California. His net worth is $3 million approximately.

Mikita is from a reputed family in the United States who are dedicated Christians and belongs to the White-Caucasian ethnicity. His parents knew he was gay at a young age, and they openly accepted and supported him. His partner, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, is a producer and an actor.

Rumors have it that the two met at a Hollywood party, which set a foundation for their dating for three years before marriage during the Caribbean holidays. Their Instagram posts are full of love, and often they are seen together at events and posting pictures on Instagram. As for parenting, they were super happy to welcome their first son, Beckett Mercer.

Beckett’s Lifestyle

We are all curious to meet and know more about Beckett. However, his parents don’t post much about him. You only see the pictures posted by his parents on Instagram when traveling or on the beach. Also, there are pictures of their vacation celebrating his birthday, and all the updates are available on his parent’s Instagram pages.

As for the net worth, Beckett is a lucky kid. Having parents who are in lucrative careers, lawyers, and decorated actors. Beckett enjoys the warmth of his parent’s wealth, and the parents love and adore the kid. Who knows what’s in store for his future? We will be on the lookout for more updates.

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