Bobby Oliver Marx was born on October 10, 1950, to Barbara Sinatra, an American socialite, and her first husband, Robert Oliver. He also became the stepson of American actor and producer Frank Sinatra after his mother married him in 1976.

Regarding his personal life, Bobby Oliver Marx is married and has one daughter; however, he has not made public details of his wife’s and daughter’s names. It is also unclear if he is still married to his first wife.

His Mother

After completing high school, Barbara Sinatra moved to Long Beach, California, to pursue a modeling career. She first attended the Robert Edward School of Modeling before starting her professional modeling career. Bobby’s mother modeled for several companies, and at 21, she became the queen of the Belmont Shore Pageant.

In 1948, Bobby’s mother met Robert Oliver at the peak of her modeling career. They married and moved to New York City, where she continued her modeling work with the Ford Modeling Agency. While in New York, Barbara also worked with Vogue magazine. In the 1950s, Bobby’s mother moved to Las Vegas, where she worked as a showgirl.

In her later years, Barbara Sinatra was involved in philanthropic work; she started the Barbara Sinatra Children’s Center, which assisted children who had been sexually and physically abused. Funds used in the center came from the Frank Sinatra Celebrity Invitational Golf Tournaments.

About His Mother’s Personal Life

Barbara Sinatra was married thrice in her lifetime; she first married Robert Oliver, an aspiring singer, with whom she had her firstborn and only child. However, their marriage was short-lived, having been together for four years. At the time of their divorce, Bobby Oliver Marx was just two years old.

Bobby’s mother’s second marriage was to actor Zeppo Marx; they were married for over a decade, and he wanted to adopt Bobby, so he took the surname Marx which he maintains to date. Barbara mentioned that Zeppo was unfaithful, and he could not stop being romantically involved with other women. Bobby’s mother was lonely in the marriage, and that is when Frank Sinatra came around.

According to her memoir, Bobby’s mother says that she and Frank dated for over five years. He made her feel wanted, and in 1976, they got married. It was a happy marriage, and they stayed in love until Frank died in 1998. In her memoir, Barbara mentions that she did not believe she was married to Frank, an iconic singer.

Death of Bobby’s Mother

In her last days, Bobby’s mother’s health was declining. She was weak since old age ailments had crippled her health severely. Barbara died of natural causes at her home in Rancho Mirage, California, aged 90. Her body was interred beside her third husband at Desert Memorial Park Cemetery in California.

Bobby Oliver Marx’s Whereabouts

Bobby Oliver Marx has maintained a low profile as he does not like publicity. Little is known about where he is based, but he is probably spending time with his family and loved ones.

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