Bonny Jean Jacobs was the mother of Jill Biden, the first lady of the United States of America. She married Donald C. Jacobs, with whom she had five daughters Jill Biden, Jan Hartman, Kim Snow, Kelly Jacobs, and Bonny Glenn.

Bonny Jean Jacobs was a homemaker while her husband worked as a bank teller to provide for his family. He also served a US Navy signal in the second world war. While staying home and caring for her five daughters, Bonny ensured they attended school and got the required education.

Personal Life

When Bonny Jean Jacobs met Donald Jacobs, she had already completed high school. They liked each other, and Donald would always drop by her parents’ store to check up on her. Despite her parents being against her relationship with Donald, Bonny Jean loved him, and nothing could keep them apart, not even her parents.

Bonny and Donald ran away and lived together for a year while her parents sought her. Bonny’s mother didn’t believe Donald could take good care of her daughter, so she did not want her to be with him in the first place. However, Donald earned a name for himself and started working for himself; at that point, Bonny Jean’s mother was okay with her daughter’s decision.

Bonny Jean Jacobs lived with Donald Jacobs for over 40 years until his death in 1999. They had a good life together and loved each other deeply.

Her Daughter

Jill Biden was married to Bill Stevenson before she met Joe Biden. They met when she was in her first year, and they married in 1970, but after four years, their marriage was crumbling. She divorced Bill in 1975 and met Joe Biden on a blind date. Joe Biden’s brother had set up the date.

Despite their age gap, Jill liked him; on that day, she told her mother, Bonny Jean Jacobs, that she had met a great guy. After her divorce proceedings were finalized in 1975, Bonny Jean’s daughter married Joe Biden, and they have been together for 45 years and have a daughter. Jill is also a stepmother to Joe Biden’s two sons from his first marriage.

Bonny Jean’s daughter has a bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Delaware and a master’s degree from West Chester University. While her husband tried to run for the US presidency in 2004, she was against it to the point of sabotaging his strategies. But was supportive from 2008 when her husband was selected as the running mate for Barack Obama

Bonny Jean’s daughter served as the second lady of the US from 2009 to 2017 and has been the first lady since her husband’s election in 2020.


Bonny Jean Jacobs, born on July 5, 1930, died on October 5, 2008, in Willow Grove, Pennsylvania, Unites States, aged 78. Her daughters did not mention the cause of her death, but she died surrounded by her family. She was buried at Hatboro Cemetery, Hatboro, in Montgomery County.


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