Carmen Lozano Viramontes is mostly known for being the mother of Carmen Salinas. This is the only information we have about her. When we find more details about her, we will update it here. Meanwhile, let’s provide you with some details about her daughter. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy.

Carmen Salinas

A politician, impressionist, comedian, and theater entrepreneur from Mexico, Carmen Salinas Lozano was also an actor. As a politician in her later years, she was connected to the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI). She made cameos in 23 telenovelas, 9 television series, 115 films, and 70 theater productions.

The daughter of Jorge Perez Tejada Salinas and Carmen Lozano Viramontes, Salinas was born in 1939. Under the guidance of Ernesto Alonso, she made her television debut in 1964, appearing in programs like La vecindad (The Neighborhood), La frontera (The Border), and El chofer (The Chauffeur).

She ruled the telenovela acting world. She was seen acting in a different telenovela role in 2006. But this time, the telenovela in question was “Mundo de Fieras,” a Venezuelan production. She rose up the popularity ladder because of her role. She made an appearance in a Mexican telenovela just recently. She appeared in and played roles in several television dramas and shows, but her cinema performances are what helped her become well-known. Since her debut film in 1967, she has acted in around 100 films.

Salinas and Pedro Plascencia had a son named Pedro Plascencia Salinas in 1956. He wrote music, including well-known pieces for the Necaxa soccer team and Televisa’s newscasts Noticias ECO and 24 Horas. On April 19, 1994, Plascencia Salinas passed away due to cancer.

She participated in politics in 2015 after pursuing her acting profession with success. Salinas stated that she “had been a prista ever since [she] acquired the use of reason” in an interview with El Universal that was done in March 2015.

Salinas was elected to the Mexican Congress’s LXIII Legislature in 2015 after being included on the PRI’s proportional representation ticket for the fourth electoral zone. She sat on the commissions for gender equality, radio and television, and health.

Salinas had the lowest amount of education of any legislator, having just completed primary school. She never attended a secondary school.

Salinas went into a coma on November 11th, 2021, as a result of a cerebral hemorrhage that brought on severe hypertension. At age 82, Salinas passed away in Mexico City on December 9, 2021, without ever regaining consciousness.

Salinas Physical Features

Salinas was a very beautiful woman, especially when she was much younger. She has an average height for a lady. She could best be described as a very gorgeous-looking woman, even in her later years.

Salinas Net Worth

Carmen Salinas made a lot of money from acting. It is possible she had other sources of income too. At the time of her death, she had an estimated net worth of about $25 million.

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