Caroline Nicole Biden is one of the nieces of American president Joe Biden. Her parents are Sara and Jim Biden, a healthcare executive. Caroline’s mother is a lawyer specializing in family and health law in Pennsylvania. On the other hand, Caroline’s father has supported his brother Joe Biden in his political career. Regardless, he has owned several businesses; he owned a nightclub, and he is into construction and the insurance industry.

She was born on May 29, 1987, in the United States. Caroline has two siblings, James Brian Biden Jr and Nicholas Coleman Biden. Regarding her education, Caroline graduated from Georgetown University and started working at an art gallery.

Personal Life

It is unclear if Caroline Nicole Biden is married; she has kept such details away from the public. Additionally, there is no information on the internet if she has children. According to her lawyer, she had anger issues and had to spend time in a unique facility to manage her anger issues.

Legal Issues

Caroline Nicole Biden has found herself on the wrong side of the law multiple times; in 2014, she confronted her roommate about the house rent. Caroline was later charged with obstruction of justice and resisting arrest.

In 2017, she had another run-in with the law after spending over a hundred thousand dollars from someone else’s credit card. She used the credit card to purchase skincare creams and hair brushes, among other things, from a pharmacy for one year. For the charges against her, Caroline Nicole Biden was ordered to complete ten days of community service, which she did.

Caroline Nicole Biden pleaded guilty to the charges and requested to pay the money she had used in full. She was sentenced to probation of two years.


Due to her run-ins with the law, Caroline Nicole has raised some concerns from the public. Most people were unhappy when charges against her in 2014 were dismissed; some mentioned that it was due to her relationship with Joe Biden that her charges were dropped, which is not fair. A person reacted to a Twitter post in 2017, saying it was funny that Caroline would be on probation for the credit card case instead of serving a jail sentence.

In 2018, there was drama after text messages between Caroline Nicole Biden and her cousin Hunter leaked. In the conversation, Caroline complained that the annual salary of 85000 she was offered at Masimo Corporation in Los Angeles was too little and that she wanted a payment of at least 180 000 dollars. The funny thing is, the job was offered to her through her uncle Joe Biden’s help.

Additionally, the company’s owner had donated 3 million dollars to her uncle’s presidential campaign.

Social Media

Despite attracting media attention, Caroline Nicole Biden has kept a low profile, and little is known about her presence on social media platforms. No accounts that belong to her have been found on Instagram, or maybe she has a private Instagram handle and uses a secretive username.

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