Cassuis Paxton is the ex-husband of former Los Angeles attorney Mablean Ephraim. It is unclear when they married, but probably in the early 1970s, the couple had one child, Tajamika Paxton, a producer, director, and writer. Cassuis Paxton and his wife divorced in 1981 due to irreconcilable differences.

Life After Divorce

Little is known about Cassuis Paxton’s life after divorcing Mablean Ephraim. He kept a low profile, and it is unclear if he married someone else. However, there are rumors that he remarried and probably had children, but the rumors have never been confirmed. On the other hand, Mablean Ephraim did not remarry as she focused on her career and doing good for the community.

Besides, it is unclear if Cassuis Paxton is alive or not.

His Ex-Wife

Despite being born in Hazlehurst, Mississippi, Cassuis Paxton’s ex-wife was raised in Los Angeles, California, where she attended school. Mablean began her career as a lawyer as a corrections officer working under the Women’s Division wing of the Federal Bureau of Prisons. Cassuis Paxton’s ex-wife started her law practice firm in 1982, and she dealt with family law and personal injury cases.

Paxton’s Ex-Wife in The Entertainment Industry

When the series Divorce Court was renewed for a third season in 1999, Paxton’s ex-wife was named the reality show’s arbitrator. The television show used dramatic real-life divorce cases in the first two seasons. When she took the role in the show, she became the first African American woman to be the arbitrator of the show.

While on the show Divorce Court, Mablean Ephraim liked using the phrase, look deep before you leap. She was loved for her humor and advice in the courtroom. After working in the show for nearly seven years, Paxton’s ex-wife left Divorce Court in 2006. There was an issue with her contract; they could not agree on an extension.

Additionally, Mablean mentioned that the show’s producers had an issue with her hairstyles; they wanted her to maintain a specific one, something she didn’t like. She released a press statement mentioning that FOX and other stations should embrace diverse cultural differences.

The other judges who followed Cassuis Paxton’s ex-wife on the show were African Americans. After Divorce Court, Paxton’s ex-wife was a judge in some Madea films, including Madea, Goes to Jail, and Madea’s Family Reunion. In 2014, Mablean was a judge in another courtroom series.

His Ex-Wife’s Other Interests

Paxton’s wife used to host an annual event on Father’s Day; in the event, fathers and their families would enjoy music and good food and have fun with their families. While talking on a radio show, she said she hoped to have more money to continue hosting the event, dubbed The H.U.F Awards.

Cassuis Paxton’s wife also offered scholarships in the event, and it was a real joy for her to see students getting those scholarships and finally going to college. Mablean had issues with her body weight, and she joined the reality series Celebrity Fit Club and lost 25 lbs.

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