Chizuko Litherland is the mother of American competitive swimmer Jay Litherland. She is of Japanese origin, but little is known about her parents or birth details. Chizuko Litherland married Andrew Litheland, a New Zealand chef, and they lived in Osaka, Japan, where she gave birth to her three triplet sons, Kevin, Mick, and Jay.

When Chizuko’s sons were born in 1995, they were premature, as they were born at seven months. Their lungs were underdeveloped and were monitored for a while before they were let to go home.

Education and Career

Chizuko Litherland studied up to at least the high school level. She studied in her native country Japan, but the schools she attended are unknown. While in high school, Chizuko was active in sporting activities, particularly swimming, and her sons took that from her. Chizuko’s husband was also a swimmer until he was 12; he also influenced his sons.

It has not been mentioned if Chizuko Litherland attended college and which course she pursued. However, she is a stay-at-home mum but sometimes helps her husband make dishes.

Why Did Chizuko Litherland Sign Up Her Sons for Swimming?

Chizuko Litherland’s sons were born prematurely, so she considered enrolling them in swimming classes to develop their lungs. She was an active swimmer in high school and knew the impact swimming could have on her sons. When she signed her sons up for swimming, she did not know one of them would one day compete at the Olympics.

Her Son Jay

Chizuko and her family liked moving around because of the nature of her husband’s work. They lived in Dubai, California, Atlanta, ¬†and New Zealand but finally settled in Georgia. Jay Litherland attended Chattahoochee High School, where he continued with swimming. Since he was young and up to school, Chizuko’s son represented America nationally.

In 2016, Jay wanted to represent New Zealand at the Rio Olympics but couldn’t because he had already performed with the U.S. and had to go through some processes to be part of the New Zealand team. His brothers represented New Zealand, and at some point, he felt to have betrayed his country; however, they did not make it to the final team and had to cheer for him.

While studying at the University of Arizona, Chizuko’s son participated in several championships, including National, World, and U.S National championships. He took part in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, winning a silver medal. Jay had hoped to see his family and friends, but due to Covid-19, people were not allowed at the event.

Moving on to his personal life, Chizuko’s son is not yet married. Additionally, he has not mentioned on his Instagram page if he has a girlfriend. Jay loves his family and is always happy to spend time with his parents and brothers.

Social Media

Chizuko Litherland is not on any social media platform, but her sons Jay and the two other triplets are on Instagram. Jay sometimes posts pictures of his mother, but mainly on Mother’s Day or when they are together.



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