Is it time to purchase a new vehicle for your family? You may have had another child and need extra space or you just need something more functional now that your children are older and involved in more activities. These are things you should consider as you prepare and search for your new family vehicle.

Calculate Your Budget

Your first task should include evaluating your existing savings. Then, look over your monthly budget to determine how much you can spend on a new car payment. You may want to pay for your new vehicle in cash, or you may need to secure financing. You may love the new Porsche for sale that you found, but you should know upfront if it is in your budget.

Consider the fuel, insurance, and maintenance costs associated with each vehicle as well. You will either have to save to cover these costs or work them into your budget.

Determine Your Needs and Desires

You also need to determine what your family needs. Consider how you will use the vehicle every day. Will you commute to work, or will you cart your kids around to school and extracurricular activities? How many miles will you put on the vehicle every day, and how much space do you need for athletic and other gear? Also, consider your weather and what kind of features you need to safely navigate your roads during the winter.

Consider Safety Features

Family cars should have extensive safety features. You want to keep your family as safe as you possibly can while they are in your vehicle.

Check the vehicle’s safety ratings. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration rates cars based on a five-star system for comprehensive front, side barrier, side pole, and rollover resistance tests. The NHTSA suggests that you purchase vehicles with lane departure warnings, rear-view video systems or backup cameras, automatic emergency braking, dynamic braking assistance systems, and forward collision warnings. In addition, cruise control options now evaluate traffic patterns and can increase or reduce your speed based on those around you.

Review the available features on the market and choose those that are most important to you. The right car will have the safety features you need to protect your family.

Evaluate the Technology Options

Today’s vehicles come loaded with technology options. Some offer onboard entertainment for those in the backseat, such as DVD players, headphones, and tablets in the back of the front seats. You may also have the ability to turn your vehicle into a WIFI hotspot. You can find built-in vacuums and wireless charging options as well.

It’s a tech-driven world, and you and your family probably have numerous devices you would use in your vehicle. Therefore, search for vehicles with USB charging ports. You may also want backup cameras, blind spot notifications, or parking assistance. Choose options that allow for hands-free calls, texts, and music so you can keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road.

Make an Informed Decision

Take time to do your research on each vehicle of interest to you. The more information you have a preparation you do, the easier it will be to find the vehicle that works the best for your family and lifestyle.

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