Cooper Ann Kidd is the youngest daughter and child of the American professional basketball coach Jason Kidd and his wife, Porschla Kidd. The celebrity kid was born in 2017, and her father’s popularity has led to a massive following in her personal life.

Cooper Ann Kidd’s Father

Jason Fredrick Kidd, popularly referred to as Jason Kidd, is the father of Cooper Ann Kidd. Cooper Ann’s father is a famous and professional basketball coach associated with the Lakers.

Cooper Ann Kidd’s father started as a coach in 2013, but before, he was a 10-time NBA All-Star, a five-time All-NBA First Team member, and won the 2011 NBA championship with the Dallas Mavericks.

Jason Kidd, Cooper Ann’s father, is currently associated with the Lakers, and he is proud to have won his second championship in the 2020 NBA finals, defeating the Miami Heat. His coaching abilities cannot be underestimated, and no wonder he has a huge following of fans who wish to know everything that goes on in his life.

Cooper Ann Kidd’s Siblings

As mentioned earlier, Cooper Ann Kidd is the youngest child of Jason Kid. Jason’s daughter was born in 2017, and up to now, he is enjoying fatherhood. Jason Kidd is proud to have six children, three with his wife Porschla Kidd and three from his previous relationship.

The siblings of Cooper Ann Kidd include Trey Jason Kidd, Miah, Jazelle, Chance, and Noah Grace Kidd. The first three are Cooper Ann’s half-siblings, while the other are her older siblings, born by her mother, Porschla Kidd.

Cooper Ann Kidd’s father was married to his first wife in 1997 when they welcomed their first three children, Trey Jason and twin daughters Miah and Jazelle Kidd, Cooper Ann’s half-siblings.

Unfortunately, Cooper Ann Kidd’s father parted ways with his first wife Joumana in 2009 after she filed for divorce, citing extreme cruelty in their relationship. The relationship did not end well for Kidd and Joumana, but they must be on good terms.

Cooper Ann Kidd is the lastborn in a family of six children. She must be loved and showered with love by her mother and father.

Cooper Ann Kidd’s Mother

Porschla Coleman is the mother of Cooper Ann Kidd. The former full-time model tied the knot with Jason Kidd in 2011, and they were blessed with three children, Cooper Ann being the youngest.

Cooper Ann Kidd’s mother was a runway model for Front Management, but she shifted her career to being a full-time mother and entrepreneur. This seems to be a dream come true for the beautiful Porschla, as she was eager to be a mother and a wife when she was modeling.

Motherhood has inspired Cooper Ann Kidd’s mother, and she started a clothing line for babies. She had revealed that she hated shopping for her babies’ clothes as they grew fast; this seems to have motivated her to be an entrepreneur. Moreover, the business is named after her first son Chance Kidd.

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