Cornel Wallace Wilde Jr. is the son of Cornel Wilde and Jean Wallace. He was born on December 19, 1967, in the United States and has a half-sister named Wendy Wilde. He lives a quiet life and not much can be found about him on the internet.

His Father, Wilde

Hungarian-American actor and director Cornel Wilde was born Kornél Lajos Weisz on October 13, 1912, and he passed away on October 16, 1989.

When Wilde made his Broadway debut in 1935, his acting career officially got underway. He started making brief, uncredited cameos in movies in 1936. He had a deal with 20th Century Fox during the 1940s, and by the middle of the decade, he was a significant leading man. His portrayal in the 1945 film A Song to Remember earned him a nomination for the Academy Award for Best Actor. He transitioned to writing, producing, and directing movies in the 1950s while still pursuing his acting career. During his career, he began creating songs as well.

His parents, Vojtech Béla Weisz (also known as Louis Bela Wilde) and Renée Mary Vid, were Hungarian Jews (Rayna Miryam). He was given the name Cornelius Louis Wilde when he immigrated to the United States in 1920 at the age of seven. He was named after his paternal grandfather.

He was a gifted mimic and linguist, and his ear for languages became apparent later in his acting career. Pre-med student Wilde enrolled in City College of New York, finished the four-year program in three years, and was awarded a scholarship to Columbia University’s Physicians and Surgeons College. In the class of 1933 at Columbia University, Wilde was among the youngest freshmen. He competed in fencing for the Columbia Lions. In 1929, at the New York Athletic Club, he took first place in the National Novice Foils Championship.

He was selected for the 1936 Olympic fencing squad for the United States, but he left the team before the competition to pursue a position in the theater. He and his new wife Marjory Heinzen (who would eventually become Patricia Knight) both shaved three and five years from their ages, respectively, to prepare for acting careers. Due to this error, the majority of promotional documents and later sources list Wilde’s birth year as 1915.

He got married to the actress Patricia Knight in 1937. He and she co-starred in Shockproof (1949). Wendy was born to them on February 22, 1943. In Los Angeles, the family resided in Country House on Deep Canyon Road.  They split up in 1951.

Five days after his divorce, he married the actress Jean Wallace. Wilde took up the role of stepfather to Pascal and Thomas, Wallace’s two boys from her marriage to Franchot Tone.

On December 19, 1967, their son Cornel Wallace Wilde was born. Together, Wilde senior and Wallace appeared in a number of movies, such as Beach Red (1963), Lancelot and Guinevere (1963), and The Big Combo (1955). (1967). In 1981, they got divorced.

On October 16, 1989, three days after his 77th birthday, Wilde passed away from leukemia. He was buried at Westwood, Los Angeles’s Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery.

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