Craig Harland Murray is a retired Navy Captain who spent 30 years in the Navy. He is the father of Sean Harland Murray, a famous American actor, and  Chad W Murray . Craig was married to Vivienne Lee, the mother of his two children, but they later divorced.

Craig Harland Murray’s Ex-wife

Vivienne Lee Bellisario was married to Craig Harland Murray before she married Donald Bellisario in 1998, and they have been together since. Craig Harland’s ex-wife had a recurring role in the first three seasons of the NCIS series, where she acted as the Mysterious Red-Head.

Family Time

Craig Harland Murray spent a week aboard an aircraft carrier in Naval Air Station Alameda outside of San Francisco with his son Sean Harland Murray who was ten years by then. Together with his son, Sean, they usually catch up on Veterans Day through a long phone call, and for them, it is like tossing a baseball back and forth.

Craig Harland’s Children

Chad W. Murray

Chad W. Murray, Craig’s son, is an American actor who appeared in the NCIS series season one which he later served as an executive producer. He also made an appearance in the Immortals. He currently works for the spin-off series NCIS: Los Angeles and is married to Hailey Baldwin.

Sean Harland Murray

Sean, Craig Murray’s son, was born on November 15, 1977. He is a father of two; Caitlyn Melissa and River James, Craig Harland Murray’s grandchildren. Sean met his wife Carrie James at an event in 2004; they became friends and tied the knot the following year. Craig’s son was 15 when his parents divorced, and he moved to Los Angeles with his mother.

Sean Murray, Craig’s son, started acting at a young age. When he was eleven, he was an extra in My Blue Heaven film, and he has since featured in several films, including; JAG, NCIS, Hocus Pocus, This Boy’s Life, and Too Romantic.

He is active on social media platforms; for instance, on Instagram, he uses the username @therealseanmurray, has over 197k followers, follows 68, and has posted 113 times. He also has a Twitter account at SeanHMurray and has  326k followers.

Sean appreciates and acknowledges service people like his father, Craig Harland Murray. He recalls a period during the Gulf war when his father’s ship had just finished its deployment in the Gulf and was on its way back when the war started in Kuwait, and they had to turn and go back to the Gulf, which marvels him to date.

Craig’s son’s net worth as of 2022 is estimated at 8 million dollars.

Craig Harland Murray Net Worth

As a retired Navy Captain, Craig must have earned enough during his service years to lead a comfortable life, but not much has been revealed to the public regarding his net worth

Social Media

On the internet, you can only find a few pictures of Craig Harland Murray, some of which have been posted by his son, Sean. He does not seem to be active on any social media platforms.

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