Damien Zachary Cord is a late actor who died at a young age before he made a name for himself. Damien Zachary’s parents were famous English actors, so he ventured into the entertainment industry to continue with the family legacy.

Although Zachary died young, he started building his legacy, explaining why many people were interested in his data. Here is more information about Zachary Cord that you may not know.

Zachary Damien Cord’s Bio

Zachary was born on October 3, 1968, to Joana Pettet, a British actress, and Terence Stamp. When Damien was born, his parents were never married, and her mother was later married to a fellow actor Alex Cord.

Alex Cord adopted Zachary Damien, explaining why he took Alex Cord’s last name. Zachary was born in Los Angeles but grew up with his two half-siblings from his father’s side. Damien ventured into the entertainment industry and became an actor like his parents.

Like many children, Zachary attended Pinecrest School and later joined Providence High School in Los Angeles, where he got his education. Unfortunately, Zachary Cord died at a young age when he was at the peak of his career.

Zachary Damien Cord’s Mother

Joanna Pettet, a retired British actress, was the mother of Zachary Damien Cord. Joanna was born on November 16, 1942, in Westminster, London, and her father was in the Royal Air Force. In the Second World War, Joanna’s father was killed.

As a result of the death of Joanna’s birth father, her mother remarried, and Joanna took her stepfather’s surname.

Zachary Cord’s mother was a famous actress who spent many years in the entertainment industry, making her name famous. She received several awards due to her career, inspiring many people, including her son.

Joanna had one child with her lover Terence Stamp, although the child never used Terence’s surname. Joanna married an actor Alex Cord, who adopted her child and cared for him. Alex Cord had two other children from his previous relationships, and he took care of them.

Although Joanna divorced Alex Cord in 1986, Joanna’s son continued using Cord’s surname. Zachary’s mother later cared for actor Alan Bates when he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. As a result of the good deeds and being his companion, he left her inheritance.

Why Did Zachary Damien Cord Die?

Zachary Damien Cord was at the age of 26 when he died. His death happened too early, and there have been controversies. According to various sources, Zachary Cord dies of respiratory complications.

Additionally, other sources reveal that an overdose of heroin caused the demise of the young actor. However, no one has confirmed the details regarding the issue, but the obituary indicated that he died due to respiratory complications.

Zachary Cord had spent his life in Los Angeles and died at North Hollywood Medical Center. Zachary Cord was buried at Westbury, Nassau County, and his parents and grandparents were among the people who attended his last journey.


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