Daniel Lee Haim is the younger brother of Canadian actor Corey Haim. He was born in the 1980s to Bernie Haim, a salesman and his second wife. Daniel Lee Haim has two older half-siblings, Cari and Corey Haim.

Daniel Lee Haim has stayed away from the media; little about him is known. His exact date of birth is unknown; it is also unclear if he has any other siblings besides Corey and Cari. Regarding his love life, it is unclear whether Daniel Lee Haim is married.

Education and Career

Given Corey Haim attended several schools, including Zion Heights Junior High School, Daniel must have also gone to school and probably studied at the college level. Daniel Lee Haim has also not revealed his professional career, but he is probably doing something to earn a living and support his family.

His Brother

As a child, Daniel Lee Haim’s brother often went for acting auditions, where he was noticed and offered some roles, including doing commercials. On television, Corey Haim made his debut in the show The Edison Twins. His other television roles were in the shows, Roomies, A Time to Live, Merlin: The Quest Begins, Big Wolf on Campus, and The Two Coreys.

In his acting career, Daniel’s brother appeared in more films than television shows; he made his film debut in 1984 when he portrayed Brian Livingston in the movie Firstborn. In 1987, he portrayed Sam Emerson in The Lost Boys. Daniel’s brother’s other film credits include Dream Machine, Blown Away, Anything for Love, Fever Lake, and The Back Lot Murders.

Daniel’s brother’s last film role was in the movie New Terminal Hotel where he portrayed Jasper Crash.

Daniel’s Brother’s Struggle with Drug and Substance Abuse

Corey Haim started using drugs, alcohol, and other substances as a teen; he often drank alcohol in his early teens, which continued to his 20s. Daniel’s brother also tried marijuana when he was appearing in The Lost Boys. He became addicted to drugs which in turn hurt his acting career.

Daniel’s brother’s addiction raised the alarm to his family, friends, and co-stars; some even tried to help him so that he could keep off drugs. He even sought rehabilitation several times, but he could not stop his habit; Corey even abused the prescribed drugs. Besides, Daniel’s brother tried to community suicide several times.

Despite Corey’s support from his family, co-actors, and friends, it was hard for him to stop substance abuse, which was the end of him.

The Death of Daniel’s Brother

Daniel Lee Haim’s brother was pronounced dead on March 10, 2010, at the Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center. His mother had called paramedics after she found him unresponsive. Before his death, Corey had flu-like symptoms and was seen by a doctor who said he had no serious issues.

Daniel’s brother’s death was drug related as he used valium, soma, haloperidol, and Vicodin. Corey had obtained a prescription for the drugs illegally. His death certificate listed that he died of community-acquired pneumonia and diffuse alveolar damage.

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