Darryl Twain is one of those people, who gain public attention because of their family members. He is best known for being the brother of Canadian singer and songwriter, Shania Twain, who is a household name in the Canadian music industry.

If you are interested to know more details about Darryl Twain, read the article further. Here, we will discuss the early life, family, siblings, education, profession, net worth, age, age, love life, children, and all other such details about Darryl Twain.

Personal life

With the fact that Darryl Twain is known to the public only because of his sister, nothing much is available about his early life. According to some sources, he was born in 1974 and the names of his parents are Jerry Twain and Sharon Morrison. The nationality of Darryl Twain is not confirmed but we do believe that he must be a Canadian like his sister.

If you are curious to know about the love life of Darryl Twain, he has not taken the curtains off it either. Considering his age, as he is around 50 years old, we hope that today he might be a married man and have a family.

Parents and siblings

Darryl Twain is one of four kids of Jerry Twain and Sharon Morrison. Other than names, nothing is available about the personal as well as professional lives of his parents.

If you talk about his siblings, he has three siblings including his famous sister Shania Twain. The names of the other siblings of Darryl Twain are Carrie Ann Edwards, Jill Edwards, and Mark Twain. Nothing much is available about the siblings of Darryl Twain.


With the fact that Darryl Twain has not revealed any details about his personal life, it is not confirmed whether or not he has any kids right now.

Education and profession

It’s not just the personal life of Darryl Twain that is hidden from the public but he has not revealed any details regarding his education as well as profession. Considering his age, it is pretty sure that today he must be done with his education and would have a profession.

Reason for the popularity of Darryl Twain

Needless to mention that the only reason for the popularity of Darryl Twain is his sister, Shania Twain, who has such a successful music career. She has achieved everything through her own efforts and amassed stardom. This is the reason that today her family members are known because of her.

Net worth of Darryl Twain

Since Darryl Twain has not made the details public regarding his profession, nothing can be estimated about his earnings and net worth. We just hope that he will have a prestigious profession and be successful like his sister, Shania Twain, who has a jaw-dropping net worth of around 400 million.


Belonging to a celebrity family and maintaining privacy so well is not an easy task but Darryl Twain has done it flawlessly. We must say he is a very private kind of person who is interested in the spotlight of the media.


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