David Arthur Carr is the ex-husband of American pornographic actress Marie Louise Hartman better known as Nina Hartley. He married Nina in 1986 but divorced after seventeen years in 2003; during their time together, they had no children. When dating, they were in a three-way relationship; another woman was involved before they decided to get married.

Life After Divorce

Little is known about David Arthur Carr after divorcing Nina Hartley; he kept a low profile, and it is unclear if he remarried or had any children. On the other hand, Nina Ira Levine, the same year their divorce was finalized; Ira is a porn films director. The couple is polyamorous such that one can have a romantic relationship with another person given he has consent from the other partner.

Additionally, David Arthur Carr has not revealed what she does to earn a living, but he is probably doing something to feed his family if he has one.

His Ex-Wife’s Career in Adult Films

Nina Hartley sought a career in adult films to earn a living and also meet women with the same sexual desires as her. David’s ex-wife wanted to satisfy her voyeuristic and exhibitionistic nature. She started working as a stripper at Mitchell Brothers O’Farrell Theatre and Sutter Cinema while still in nursing school.

While talking to La Vegas Weekly, David’s ex-wife mentioned that pleasure is potent, and sex is something she likes. She is not giving it to a man but something she enjoys as much. When her parents heard that he had chosen to venture into pornography, they were surprised, especially her father.

David’s ex-wife made her debut in 1984 in the film Educating Nina. She appeared in several other adult films in the 1980s and 1990s. Nina Hartley appeared in the spin-offs of Debbie Does Dallas, including Debbie Does Wall Street and Debbie Duz Dishes. Besides acting, David Arthur Carr’s ex-wife also directed some movies, such as Nina Hartley’s Book of Love in 1992.

For most of her career, David’s ex-wife has toured Canada and the United States as a stripper. She is a legend in adult films for her role in sex education films and her appearances in several pornographic films.

Nina’s Other Media Appearances and Activism

David’s ex-wife has also appeared in non-pornographic films and television shows; she appeared in Boogie Nights and The Oprah Winfrey Show. Nina has also appeared in documentaries, including After Porn Ends and Sticky: A (Self) Love Story; however, her primary focus in the documentaries has been sex education.

David’s ex-wife is also an activist; she advocated for sexual freedom as early as the 1990s. She often attends workshops and conferences promoting sex freedom and positivity. She is part of the Adult Performer Advocacy Committee, Free Speech Coalition, and the Woodhull Freedom Foundation.

What is the Net Worth of David Arthur Carr’s Ex-Wife?

Nina Hartley has a net worth of 6 million dollars. She has created her wealth through her acting career in adult filmography. The legendary actress has appeared in close to one thousand adult films. Besides, she is also an author and director.

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