David Graham Dubois was an American journalist and writer, best known for being the son of American sociologist, W. E. B. Du Bois. Today, David Graham Dubois has already died but his legacy as well as his father is the reason that today we are talking about David Graham Dubois.

Read the article further to find out about early life, family, siblings, parents, education, profession, net worth, earnings, age, death, and other such details about David Graham Dubois.

Personal life

David Graham Dubois was born in 1925 as the son of Shirley Graham Du Bois. W. E. B. Du Bois is not the biological father of David Graham Dubois. Actually, he is a stepson.

Nothing is available on the married life of David Graham Dubois as well. What more to say, even it is not confirmed whether or not David Graham Dubois married in his life or not because there is no mention of any lady in his life. After living a peaceful life and achieving significant success, David Graham Dubois left the world in 2005 at the age of 79.

Parents and siblings

David Graham Dubois is the only son of his mother Shirley Graham Du Bois, who married W. E. B. Du Bois after the failure of her first marriage. Given the fact, the name of the biological father of David Graham Dubois is not known, and W. E. B. Du Bois is his stepfather. On the professional front, both of his parents were quite successful. The mother of David Graham Dubois was a prominent writer and his stepfather was a renowned sociologist.

As for the siblings of David Graham Dubois, he did not have any siblings. However, he had a couple of step-siblings from his stepfather.


With the fact that not at all any information is available on the personal life of David Graham Dubois, it can’t be said whether or not he has any kids. Since there is no information available about that, we hope that David Graham Dubois might not have any kids.

Education and profession

Being the son of educated personalities, David Graham Dubois also gained good education in his life. He received his education from New York University, Hunter College, and the School of Social Work. After completing his education at different universities and institutes, David Graham Dubois became a successful journalist and author.

Reason for the popularity of David Graham Dubois

Well, David Graham Dubois himself had a successful career and this is actually the main reason for his popularity. However, the stardom of his parents is also a reason for his popularity.

Net worth of David Graham Dubois

With the fact that David Graham Dubois was a successful journalist and author, it won’t be wrong to say that he must have managed to accumulate a good amount of money in his life. However, the exact amount of net worth was known to David Graham Dubois only because he had not made it public.


Since David Graham Dubois was the son of a famous personality, he was bound to get some stardom. However, he himself worked hard to achieve name and fame on his own.


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