The information available online about Mrs. Beck is extremely limited, not even her birthdate is available. We know that at some stage of her life she lived in Silver Lakes. We also know that she was married to Robert Beck AKA Iceberg Slim. She became the stepmother of his four kids, three daughters, and one son.

Diane Millman Beck Net Worth

There isn’t much information available about her net worth, although rumor has it that her late husband died penniless, which doesn’t leave much hope for her financial status.

Her Late Husband

Robert Lee Maupin was born on the fourth of August 1918. Throughout his life he had many names, starting with his birth name Robert Lee Maupin, then there was Robert Moppins Jnr., also Robert Beck. He had what some may call an alias “Iceberg Slim”.

He was born in Chicago Illinois in the United States of America, the names of his parents aren’t available. We do, however, know that his father abandoned his mother and she had to fend for herself and her son. She did this by establishing a beauty shop as well as working as a domestic worker to take care of the two of them.

Robert appreciated his mother and her sacrifices and even stated so in one of his books, his autobiography. He mentions how the work she did afforded him certain privileges like a college education.

He went to University in Alabama but was expelled after enjoying the ‘street culture’ a little too much, he started bootlegging and got expelled when he was caught. Bootlegging is the illegal sale or manufacture of items usually contraband like alcohol and sometimes it can even refer to illegally selling recordings.

He also had quite an interesting career choice, he made a living as a pimp. From the time he was 18 years old he started in the ‘business’ until he was about 42 years old. According to a book that he wrote, a memoir, ‘Pimp’, he had more than 400 women work for him during his time as a pimp. He had women of at least two different races, both black and white, and perhaps some other races that we are not aware of working for him in his time as a pimp.

He spent ten months in prison in a Cook County jail in solitary confinement and this became a turning point in his career as he realized he was passed the prime age of being a pimp.

Over his lifetime, he has written several books, some of which have been adapted and turned into films. On Friday the 19th of July 2013 there was a limited release of the movie Portrait of a Pimp. This was an adaptation of one of Robert Beck’s books. Another one of his books was adapted by Universal pictures for the screen, this book was Trick Baby.

Robert Beck died in 1992 on the 30th of April, he died of liver failure. He was estimated to be worth about 8 million U.S. dollars, despite the claims of his wife Diane Millman Beck and daughters that he died without anything.

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