There is no information on him other than that he is the son of notorious gang leader King David also known as Donise David Barksdale Snr.

His Net Worth

As there is no information available on him there is also no information available about his net worth.

His Father

Donise David Barksdale was born in 1947 on May 24th. He was born to parents Virginia and Charlie Barksdale. He was the tenth child born of thirteen children. The Barksdale family moved to Chicago in Illinois in 1947 when David was ten years old. By the time he was 13, he had become a notorious gang leader.

He was the leader of the gang The Black Disciple Nation. His gang was known for absorbing many other gangs into their own which partly inspired the gang’s name.

A hit was ordered on him in 1968 by the leader of a rival gang, and because of that he got shot seven times, he was in his car at the time.

In his lifetime which tragically wasn’t very long Barksdale was arrested at least 25 times. He was also shot on at least three separate occasions.

Every year on his birthday the Black Disciples still honor him with a celebration, he is still revered by them, in 2008 they even had a parade in his honor on memorial weekend.

He died in 1974 on the 2nd of September from renal failure following an attack that happened in June of 1970. He had been married to Yvonne Barksdale maiden name Yarber since 1972 and he had three kids, Donise David Jr., Melinda, and Ronnie.

There were rumors that “King Von” also known as Dayvon Danquan Bennett might be King David’s grandson, those rumors seem unfounded unless Mr. Barksdale had another child not known to most.

Mr. Barksdale’s wife Yvonne may have survived him in death but not for long. She was murdered three years after his death in June of 1977.

Barksdale died at age 27 and in his short life he was not only the leader of the Black Disciples gang but he was also involved in or leader of some of the following gangs;

  • Devil’s Disciples
  • Maniac Latin Disciples
  • Satin’s Disciples

He had a net worth of 19 million U. S. Dollars, above and beyond being one of the leading gangsters of his time he is said to have been working in the audio-visual industry. He was said to be a director and producer.

King David and Larry Hoover merged their gangs after Barksdale became frustrated with the amount of bloodshed caused by the fighting between the two gangs. Hoover’s gang was originally the Gangster Disciples.

It was members of the Black P. Stone Rangers who caused the death of King David. Their gang was co-founded by Jeff Fort and Eugene Hairston. At the time of the incident which injured Mr. Barksdale, the two gangs had a truce. The incident other than killing Donise David Barksdale Snr also ended the much-needed truce between the two gangs.

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