Elizabeth Judina Longoria is the older sister of American actress, director, and producer Eva Longoria. She has two sisters besides Eva, Emily Jeannette and Esmeralda Josephina Longoria. Her parents are Enrique Longoria Jr and Ella Eva Mireles.

Personal Details

Elizabeth Judina Longoria has unique needs, which was tough for her growing up; she struggled to talk to others and had no emotions toward people. Eva, while in an interview, talks of a moment in their childhood when they went to school. Elizabeth came home without her jacket since someone had stolen it from her, Eva wanted to go and beat the student, but Elizabeth advised her out of it.

Elizabeth Judina Longoria’s intellectual disability is why her younger sister Eva is doing philanthropic work. She taught her what compassion is, and Eva is trying to help other people who may be in need, like her older sister.

Family and Career

It is unclear if Elizabeth Judina Longoria is married, but she is very close to her sisters and mother. She has supported her sister, often attending her public events and birthdays. For instance, Elizabeth attended an event in Hollywood on April 16, 2018, where Eva received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Regarding what she does to earn a living, Elizabeth Judina has not made that information. However, her younger sister in 2019 mentioned that Elizabeth has a job and she is happy.

Her Sister

Elizabeth Judina’s sister started her acting career in 1999; however, she made her first television in 2000 when she appeared in one episode of Beverly Hills, 90210, as a flight attendant. She also had a guest role in the series General Hospital. The following year, Elizabeth’s sister landed the role of Isabella Brana in The Young and the Restless, appearing on the show until 2003.

In 2003, Eva started portraying Gabrielle Solis in the comedy-drama series Desperate Housewives, and for her performance on the show, she received a Golden Globe Award nomination. Elizabeth’s sister appeared in many other projects, including Lower Learning, A Dark Truth, Visions, Devious Maids, and Grand Hotel.

Charity Work by Her Sister

Elizabeth Judina Longoria’s sister started a charity organization in 2006 called Eva’s Heroes that helps people with developmental disabilities. Her sister Elizabeth was her source of inspiration since she at birth she had an intellectual disability. Eva also supports other organizations that want to make a difference.

Eva also has a foundation called the Eva Longoria Foundation which is directed toward helping Latinas; it offers them courses and loans to support their businesses. Elizabeth’s sister was declared the Philanthropist of the Year for her philanthropic work in 2009.

Social Media

Elizabeth Judina Longoria has no official accounts on social media, but you can find her pictures on her sister’s social media pages. She posts her occasionally, but when they are together as a family. Elizabeth’s sister is active on Instagram, where she has a huge following and often posts pictures of her family and loved ones. Eva is also on Twitter.

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