Ethel Rose James Owens is a popular name, and it is no surprise that people quest to gather as many details as possible about her life. She died in 1991, but her name still lives on, and if you wonder what her life was like, we got you covered. Read on and learn about Ethel Rose James’ life.

Ethel’s Family and Early Life

Ethel Rose is the loving daughter of Stella McGowan and her husband Jesse Edward James, the only son of Jesse James. Her parents tied the knot on January 02, 1900. During that time, her mother was ailing to the point that the marriage took place in the parlor in her home. Her sickness couldn’t hinder their marriage.

Ethel was blessed to have three sisters: Josephine Frances James, Lucielle Martha James, and Jessie Estell James. Unfortunately, she had no brother, but the sisters loved each other greatly.

Ethel’s father was popularly known for being an Attorney in Kansas City. However, his health often failed him. He relocated his family from Missouri in 1926 and went to continue practicing Law in Los Angeles, California.

Ethel’s father had a reputation as an actor, and he is best known for appearing in the film “Jesse James as the Outlaw,” where he acted alongside his sister, Mary James. His other film was “Jesse James Under the Black Flag.” The reputation of Ethel’s father played a role in Ethel’s life and made her popular.

Ethel’s parents died and got buried at Forest Lawn Cemetery in Los Angeles.

Ethel’s Marriage Life

Ethel Rose James was married in 1937 to Calvin Tilden Owens. Her husband was a Building Constructor, and the couple had no children. For the better part of her life, Ethel worked for the Federal Reserve Bank in Los Angeles. Her marriage was short-lived as her husband died in 1975, and at that point, she decided to leave the house built for her by her late husband. Instead, she moved to Huntington Beach, California.

When relocating, she took the artifacts belonging to her late Grandfather, including the boots he wore when he got shot to death in 1882 by Robert Ford. Notable also is that she was the last person standing in her family as her sisters also died before her.

Ethel’s Death

Ethel lived a peaceful life. People loved her, and those close to her could not help but marvel at her wisdom, especially in storytelling. She often talked about her young life walking with her father to Kearney and how everybody would be all around them.

Also, she talked of how her uncle, Frank James, and her father were devoted to Christianity. Further, she narrated the story of how she was on her uncle’s knee at a young age. Those who got the chance to hear her speak loved all her stories.

Notable also is how dear she held the artifacts of her grandfather, which she kept safe in her kitchen. Her life was well lived until she passed on at her retirement home, aged 83, on December 21, 1991. Her death place was in Huntington Beach, California.

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