Eugeny Ogir was the husband of Tina Karol, a Ukrainian actress, singer, and television personality. He was a record producer; he met Tina on a music channel in 2007, and became friends. Tina mentions that it was not love at first sight, but after spending time together, they started falling for each other.

Eugeny and Tina worked together as they tried to build her brand as a singer, and suddenly, they were an item. They got married in 2008 in Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra, and later that year, they had a son Veniamin.

His Wife

Eugeny Ogir’s wife started performing music while in high school. She often participated in music contests; in 2006, she performed the song I am Your Queen at the Eurovision Song Contest. In her music career, Tina has recorded several songs, some of which she has sung in Hebrew and others in Ukrainian. Eugeny’s wife appeared on The Voice Kids as a contestant coach in 2012.

Tina started The Tina Karol Foundation, geared towards offering help in oncology treatments for children in Ukraine. She channels money to oncology departments through her foundation to buy needed supplies and equipment. The money Tina Karol uses to support children’s oncology services comes from what she earns from her music concerts.

What is the Net Worth of Eugeny Ogir’s Wife

Tina has made good fortune through her music career, spanning nearly twenty years. She has worked on television and has been the face of several companies, including Ukraine International Airlines. Eugeny’s wife uses most of the money to fund children’s cancer treatment. She understands the pain that cancer causes since she has experienced that with the death of her husband.

Some sources quote Tina Karol’s net worth as 1.5 million dollars, but it is always bound to change given she is involved in charity work.

Health and Death

Eugeny Ogir’s life was good until 2012 when he was diagnosed with stomach cancer. It was devastating for Tina, but she was by her side while battling the disease for over a year. Eugeny Ogir succumbed to cancer on April 28, 2013, aged 32. Tina was severely affected by the death of her husband, but she was at least left with something she will remember him with, a son.

Eugeny’s Wife’s Love Life After His Death

After the death of her husband Eugeny, Tina Karol dedicated her time to her music career. She has not publicly mentioned if she has been in any romantic relationships. Besides, she has not posted anything on her social media pages to suggest that she might be in a romantic relationship.

Tina Karol has never been married since her husband died. She takes care of her son and focuses on her music career.

His Wife’s Social Media Presence

Eugeny’s wife is active on social media platforms, especially Instagram, where she likes posting pictures of herself and some of her music videos. There is no picture of Eugeny Ogir on her Instagram page, given that he died a long time and she has to continue living.

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