Georgia Rose Dolenz is the daughter of an American actor, musician, and businessman Micky Dolenz, who is best known for the pop-rock band Monkees. This band was really popular in the 1960s. His gorgeous daughter is always in the headlines because of her father.

So, today let’s find out all the information about her including her childhood, love life, work, net worth, and other such details.

Personal life

Born on September 3, 1983, in the US, Georgia Rose Dolenz is an American celebrity daughter. The names of her parents are Micky Dolenz and Trina Dolenz. Considering her age, Georgia Rose Dolenz must be a married woman now. However, the lady hasn’t made her personal life public. She has never talked about the darling man of her life.

Parents and siblings

You already know that the names of Georgia Rose Dolenz’s parents are Micky Dolenz and Trina Dolenz. Her father is a popular musician and actor while her mother is a psychotherapist by the profession. Georgia is the youngest daughter of her parents, who divorced in 1991 after being together almost for 14 years. His father married for the third time in 2002.

Coming to her siblings, Georgia Rose Dolenz has 2 real sisters named Charlotte Janelle and Emily Claire. Apart from these two sisters, she also has one stepsister from his father.


Well, here you won’t get any confirmed information, as the beautiful lady loves to keep her personal life under wraps. She has never ever talked about her family, husband, and kids.

Education and profession

With the fact that Georgia Rose Dolenz is a daughter of a rich father, she must have attended some renowned school and gained a good education. However, it is still not disclosed to the public. If you talk about the profession of Georgia Rose Dolenz, she seems to have a career in the glamour world, as she is really popular on Tik Tok, where she regularly uploads mind-blowing videos.

Reason for the popularity

The main reason for the popularity of Georgia Rose Dolenz is her father’s stardom. Her father, Micky Dolenz, is a big name in the music industry and Georgia shares a close bonding with him. She is often spotted with him. This helped her to gain some public attention. Besides that, she is also quite popular on Tik Tok, which is another reason for her popularity.

Net worth of Georgia Rose Dolenz

Georgia Rose Dolenz has not made her professional life public, so how can we know her total net worth and main source of income? However, we expect her to hold a massive net worth, as she is popular on Tik Tok and has a huge fan following. Apart from that, her lavish lifestyle also indicates the same. As for her father, the 77-year -old musician holds a whopping network of 9 million.


Being a celebrity kid is not always easy. You have to manage unwanted attention and it becomes annoying sometimes. We must say Georgia Rose Dolenz is an intelligent woman, who has managed this all beautifully.

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