Ginny Fosdick was the third wife of American actor McLean Stevenson. She was born on March 22, 1945, in Manhattan, New York. Ginny was a talent coordinator at the Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson; she made several appearances on the show. As a talent coordinator, Ginny coordinated at least nineteen episodes.

Personal Life

Ginny Fosdick and McLean Stevenson met in the late 1970s and married in 1980. How they met is unclear, but they remained married until McLean died in 1996. It was not McLean’s first marriage; he had been married to two other women, with the marriages ending in divorce.

Ginny’s husband was first married to Polly Ann Gordon, but their marriage lasted only three years. McLean then married Louise Herbert in 1969, with their marriage ending two years later. Then he met Ginny Fosdick, to who he was married for the longest time in his three marriages.

Her Husband

Ginny’s husband was born in Normal, Illinois, in 1927; he studied at Bloomington High School, after which he served for a year in the U.S Navy. After serving in the navy, McLean Stevenson joined Northwestern University, where he pursued theatre arts. Upon completing college, Ginny’s husband started working at a radio station.

Ginny’s husband also engaged in other ventures so that he could be able to pay his bills and at least earn a living; he performed at live television shows and even sold medical supplies. In 1952 and 1956, Ginny’s husband worked as a press secretary for his cousin Adlai E. Stevenson who was running for the presidency.

The Acting Career of Ginny Fosdick’s Husband

Ginny’s husband was encouraged by his cousin to venture into acting, making his debut in the musical The Music Man. McLean often appeared in television commercials and on stage in New York City and made several Broadway appearances. Ginny’s husband appeared in The Doris Day Show and That Girl before landing his breakthrough role.

At first, Ginny’s husband wanted to play Hawkeye Pierce in the comedy series M*A*S*H but was convinced to portray Lt. Col. Henry Blake, a role with which he found great success. The show was loved and one of the best in America, but in 1974 wanted to exit the show since he didn’t like his role.

McLean’s acting career went downhill after exiting M*A*S*H, but he landed some roles in several television shows and films.

Death of Ginny’s Husband

Ginny Fosdick’s husband had bladder cancer and had to undergo surgery. The operation was done at Encino-Tarzana Regional Medical Center, and he was recovering when he suffered a heart attack on February 15, 1996, dying instantly. His body was cremated and buried at the Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills Cemetery.

Life After the Death of Her Husband

After her husband died, Ginny Fosdick lived a private life and little about her personal life. It is unclear if she remarried or not, but given at the time of her husband’s death, she was fifty, she probably remarried. Her current whereabouts are unknown, but hopefully, she is living a good life without health problems.

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