Griselda Blanco, known as the “Queen of Cocaine”, was killed in 2012. She was a famous drug lord who controlled the cocaine trade in Miami during the 1970s and early 1980s. But what about her siblings? What are they doing now? This article will look closely at Griselda’s siblings: Nury Del Socorro Restrepo De Valencia and Jose Orlando Blanco.

Who is Griselda Blanco’s sister, Nury Del Socorro Restrepo De Valencia?

Nury is Griselda’s older sister. Not much is understood about her, but it is believed that she currently resides in Colombia. She has not been involved in any illegal activities and has kept a low profile since her sister’s death.

What is her relationship with Griselda Blanco?

Nury and Griselda were always close, even though they were involved in different lines of work. Nury has said that she always looked up to her sister and admired her strength and determination.

Even though they were not in contact with each other during the last years of Griselda’s life, Nury was devastated when she heard about her sister’s death.

What has she said about her sister’s death?

Nury has said that she believes her sister was killed because of her past. She also said that she thinks the people who killed her did not know who they were dealing with and will regret it.

How does she judge being related to the “Queen of Cocaine.”

Nury has said she is proud of her sister and her accomplishments. She even said that she does not believe that her sister was the wrong person but rather someone who was misunderstood.

What impact did Griselda have on her sister’s good and bad life?

Nury has said that Griselda positively impacted her life, even though she was involved in illegal activities. She noted that Griselda was always there for her and that she taught her to be strong and independent.

However, Nury also said she had lost friends because of her association with Griselda. She said that some people are afraid of her and that she has been treated differently because of her last name.

Despite the challenges, Nury said that she would not change anything about her relationship with her sister. She said that she loved Griselda and would always be proud of her.

What is Nury Del Socorro Restrepo de Valencia doing today?

Nury is currently living in Colombia and keeping a low profile. She has not been involved in any illegal activities and is believed to be working on her relationships with her sister’s children.


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