Heidi Kiffin is the sister of Lane Kiffin, an American football coach and the current coach of the Ole Miss Rebels. Her parents are Monte Kiffin and Robin Kiffin. Heidi’s father is also an American football coach, but he now serves as the player personnel analyst under his son at Ole Miss Rebels.

Heidi Kiffin has two siblings, Chris, and Lane Kiffin, who have ventured into football. She and her mother are the only family members who have not coached an American football team.

Personal Life

Heidi Kiffin has been secretive about her personal life; she has not revealed who she is married to or if she is single. Besides, it is unclear if she has any children, and a post on the internet mentions that Monte Kiffin has seven grandchildren; four belong to Chris and three to Lane, meaning Heidi’s children are not counted.

Her Brother Lane

After graduating from Bloomington Jefferson High School, Heidi’s brother joined Fresno State University, where he played football. Lane played as a quarterback in college football, but he stopped playing in his senior year and served as the student assistant coach for Fresno State Bulldogs.

Heidi’s brother became a coach because he played less, and his father warned him not to quit football. After college, Lane worked at the Colorado State University as a graduate assistant, after which he joined Jacksonville Jaguars and worked for an hour. In 2001, Heidi’s brother coached tight ends at USC Trojans.

While at the University of Southern California, Heidi’s brother took several roles; he coached wide receivers before the 2002 season. As of 2004, Lane Kiffin was the offensive coordinator and recruiting coordinator for a year. Heidi’s brother helped achieve many things during his tenure with the USC Trojans.

In January 2007, Heidi’s brother was hired by Oakland Riders as head coach, signing a two-year contract with an option of an additional year. After working with the Raiders for one and a half seasons, David fired Lane Kiffin for bad performances, lies, and excuses. In November 2008, Heidi’s brother became the head coach of the Tennessee Volunteers.

Heidi’s brother later returned to USC, where he was the head coach for three years. Lane Kiffin also worked at Florida Atlantic Owls and Alabama Crimson Tide before joining Ole Miss in 2019, where he is the current head coach. Heidi’s brother has led Ole Miss to many achievements, including winning the Outback Bowl in 2021.

Net Worth

Given what Heidi Kiffin does to earn a living is unknown, it is hard to tell her net worth; however, her brother had created a fortune through his career as an American football coach and having coached several teams. His net worth is approximately 14 million dollars.

Social Media

Heidi Kiffin is not active on all social media platforms, but she is on Twitter and likes retweeting and tweeting posts published by her siblings and father or is sport related. On the other hand, Heidi’s brother is active on both Twitter and Instagram, but most of his posts are football-related.

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