Not everyone has to make efforts to be popular in the world and Holt Heigl is one such person. He is best known for being the brother of American actress Katherine Heigl. However, Holt Heigl is not much interested in the glam of the entertainment world because he always stays away from it.

Today, let us tell you all the details about the personal life of Holt Heigl including his birth details, parents, siblings, education, profession, net worth, age, children, love life, and all other such details.

Personal life

With the fact that Holt Heigl maintains a  low profile, not at all any information is available about his birth details. You will not get either the birth year or the birthplace of Holt Heigl. As for the name of his parents, he is the loving son of Paul Heigl and Nancy Heigl.

If you talk about the love life of Holt Heigl, it is also a complete secret to the public because the young man never felt the need to talk about his romantic life. Since his age is also not confirmed, we can’t make any assumptions about his love life.

Parents and siblings

Holt Heigl is one of four children of his parents Paul Heigl and Nancy Heigl. This is the only information about the personal lives of his parents. As for their professional careers, they both are professionally successful. The father of Holt Heigl was a financial executive and accountant, while his mother was a personal manager.

Speaking of the siblings of Holt Heigl, he had three siblings but today only two are alive. His brother Jason Heigl died when he was a young teenager. The name of sisters of Holt Heigl is Meg Heigl and Katherine Heigl.


With the fact that not at all information is available about the personal life of Holt Heigl, you can’t say anything about the children of Holt Heigl. He himself has not disclosed any details regarding that either.

Education and profession

Here again, you can’t expect anything confirmed because not at all any information has been made public regarding the education as well as the profession of Holt Heigl. However, considering the fact that he belongs to a well-to-do family and both of his parents were professionally successful, we can expect that he must have received a good education in his life.

Reason for the popularity of Holt Heigl

The only reason for his popularity is his actress sister, Katherine Heigl, who is today a household name in the American film industry.

Net worth of Holt Heigl

Since Holt Heigl has not revealed any details regarding his profession, we can’t really estimate his net worth. However, considering his lifestyle, it seems like he is earning good money. As far as the net worth of his actress sister is concerned, she is the proud owner of around 30 million right now.


Holt Heigl shares a very good bond with his sister and is often spotted with her. This is the reason he also became a known face to the public.


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