It has been a year since when you have been trying to make some significant changes in the kitchen interior. However, the budget is restricting you. The home purchase was a huge expense. After this, you cannot afford to re-do the kitchen immediately.

You took some time to save for this purpose. Till then, you were managing somehow with the old kitchen setup. It is high time now, and you must address this issue without further ado.

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If needed, finish the urgent renovation work and start the interior décor work after a gap. You can look for some inspiration in this blog. It will be helpful for you to ideate the process and its budget also. Furthermore, you can decide how much more you will require for the remaining work.

This blog can also give you an idea of how to decorate the kitchen with minimal expenses.

Different solutions for different kitchen types

The kitchen setup will vary in every household. Some of them might have an open kitchen that is attached to the living room. Some might have a separate one.

The kitchen size and shape will be different. Therefore, the solution to the interior decoration problem will vary. You cannot deck up your kitchen like your neighbours. Maybe, they have either a large or small kitchen.

Depending on the type of your kitchen and your aspirations, you can amp up the look of your kitchen. The best thing is that you can do it on a shoestring budget.

Quick fixes for an open kitchen

These types of a kitchen are hard to manage. It is because you will have access to them via the living room. Whoever enters this room will be able to see everything inside the kitchen.

You can make a few inexpensive changes to hide some kitchen portions.

Create a kitchen island

It is, in fact, the busiest space in your house. A lot of work keeps going on in it. You have to take care of the heat, moisture and light aspect in this special nook of your home.

In the case of an open kitchen, you cannot think of ignoring these aspects. A kitchen island can help you create a division between the living room and the kitchen space. You can develop it from any of the sides or even at the centre also.

Analyse and ideate how the island would look after creation. If needed, you must draw it on paper to have clarity. Besides alleviating the kitchen’s appearance, the island also adds some functionality to your kitchen.

It can provide you with additional storage space. Not just that! You can even utilise its roof as an additional countertop. Most importantly, it will not eat up any space from the kitchen.

You can customise it accordingly into small or big sizes. This addition will boost the outlook of the kitchen. You do not have to spend a lot of money on it also.

It will cover half portion of the kitchen by creating a visual partition. However, you must pay attention to a few facets when building an island inside the kitchen.

  • Do not occupy too much space in the kitchen. Enough area should be there for your movement.
  • Choose the island type depending on the interior space of the kitchen.
  • Avoid covering a huge space that might ruin the look of the cooking area.
  • Leave enough space to allow two to three people to work peacefully.
  • Create smart display units to showcase your cookware and other accessories.
  • Select the material carefully. It should match the interior of the cooking area.
  • Check if it will restrict your access to a refrigerator, cooking hob and counter space. Make changes so that you can easily access these areas.

Cover up all the shelves

Since your kitchen is open, you cannot keep it clumsy. It must look good and welcoming to you and your guests. For this reason, make sure all the kitchen shelves are closed.

If you keep them open, all the clutter will be easily visible. On the other hand, with closed cabinets, you need not have to worry about the inside arrangement of things.

Above all, closed cabinets display a neat look. The lighting will set correctly, and your kitchen will look clutter-free.

Keep the kitchen area free

The open kitchen is itself a drawback. If you keep random things like the way you want the counter area, it might not look appealing. You must take care of this thing.

Use proper storage arrangements even if you want to keep some items handy. It will help you balance out the uneven look of the kitchen. When you keep the counter space empty, you can quickly work, as things will not come your way at the time of cooking.

Practical solutions for a separate kitchen

It is a blessing if your kitchen does not connect to the living room. At least, you need not have to worry about how it looks when a guest visits your home. However, in this case, you must think of practical ways to utilise the space to make it more functional and attractive.

Create a vertical kitchen garden

If your kitchen is big and well-ventilated with a few windows, you can explore the idea of a vertical garden. You can use one of your windows or any side of the vertical wall for this purpose.

If you choose a window, create a separate area outside the window to keep some of the plants. Try to invest in herbs first. If the space is favourable for plant growth, you can also grow other plants.

Amp up the lighting

Use two different types of lighting if possible. One should be when you are actively working inside the kitchen. The other is when no heavy work is going on in the kitchen.

You can even opt for energy-saving lighting arrangement options. Pendant lights are in trend these days. You can install them inside the kitchen to amplify their appearance.

If you are unhappy with the wall colour, as it does not complement the lighting, you can stick some wallpaper instead. It is a cost-effective way to change the colour. The best thing is that you can do it on your own.

The bottom line

The kitchen interior often lacks the required attention. People tend to overlook it, thinking it cannot add a décor element to the home. However, the actual reality is different. You must have collected some exclusive ideas to deck up this ignored nook of your home.

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