Isley Ray Howerton is the second son of Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia star Glen Howerton and his wife, Jill Latiano. The family welcomed their second son in 2014 and kept it a secret before announcing it on the red carpet to his fans.

While speaking to the GoGo Gala, Glen Howerton indicated they welcomed their second baby three months ago, and no one knew about the news.

Isley Ray Howerton’s parents exchanged vows in 2009, and he has an elder brother Miles. Isley Ray’s parents indicated that they never announced their first son’s birth. Still, it eventually came out because they used to attend several occasions together, and she was heavily pregnant then.

The birth of Isley Ray Howerton was a secret, unlike that of his elder brother. Glen Howerton indicated the birth of his son Isley was a home birth, which may be another reason why he is not known yet. Moreover, the star added his son Isley Ray Howerton did not have a certificate yet, and it is as if he does not exist officially.

It seems the birth of Isley Ray Howerton was unplanned as the couple never had a name ready for their baby. The couple struggled to find a name for their son and took inspiration from everything.

How Did Isley Ray Howerton Get His Name?

Isley Ray Howerton’s parents started looking for names from everywhere as they had no idea of the name they should give him. They got the name Isley when they were listening to music on TV, and there was a fantastic Isley Brothers song playing.

The couple found the Isley name cool and decided to settle on it when their son was born. As for Isley Ray Howerton’s second name, it derived from Glen’s mother’s father, who is called Rayfield.

Is Isley Ray Howerton Getting Another Sibling?

Isley Ray Howerton’s parents revealed that they are not entirely sure if two children are enough. The couple wanted to have two children but indicated they would see if they were done.

Currently, the family of Isley Ray Howerton is enjoying family time, and they have found a routine in taking care of their young family. Isley Ray Howerton’s mom explained that she allows her husband to sleep with their first son, and when they wake up, she gets to sleep too.

Isley Ray Howerton’s Brother Miles Robert

Miles Robert Howerton is the brother of Isley Ray Howerton, and he is the firstborn in the family after being born in 2011. The handsome child’s exact birth date is unknown, but the brothers have an age difference of three years after Isley Ray was named after the Isley Brothers in 2014.

Isley Ray Howerton’s father revealed that Miles Robert was weird like them, and he has his brand of weirdness. Glen Howerton indicated that Miles Robert was funny when he was three years old and used to make voices and nicknames for his little brother Islay Ray Howerton.

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