Jamont David Wilson is the brother of Dorien Wilson. Aside from Dorien, he also has a sister named Savita Carothers. Unfortunately, he passed away in 2015. Only very little information about him is available online. So we only have very few details about his life.

His Brother, Dorien Wilson

Wilson’s parents gave birth to him on July 5, 1963, in Lompoc, California. He has two siblings: Savita Carothers, his sister, and Jamont David Wilson, his late brother, who passed away in 2015. While a student at Lompoc High School in California, Wilson became interested in acting.

Dorien’s father was in the US Air Force, therefore the family had to move around a lot when Dorien was a child. After some time, the family made their home in the small Californian town of Lompoc, where Wilson started attending school and later developed a passion for acting while attending Cabrillo and Lompoc high schools.

He studied at the Pacific Conservatory of the Performing Arts in Santa Maria after graduating from high school. Dorien also studied acting in San Francisco at the American Conservatory Theatre. His first job upon graduation was as a drama teacher, but Wilson also began appearing in various local productions such as the musical “Carousel”, the play “Hank Williams: The King of Country Music”, the musical “Dreamgirls”, “The Tempest” and many others, all of which contributed steadily to his prominence.

He eventually relocated to San Francisco as his career flourished and started getting television appearances, including on the popular TV show “Murphy Brown” (1993). Wilson was rewarded for returning to Los Angeles with the role of Eddie Charles in “Dream On,” which helped him earn popular attention.

His subsequent television work included the sitcom “The Parkers,” for which he received an Image Award nomination for his positive portrayal, and the series “Goode Behavior,” in which he co-starred with Sherman Hemsley. Dorian played college professors in both shows, which furthered his popularity and turned him into a genuine television star who was well-known across the US. His wealth increased as well.

Along with his expertise in theater and TV shows, Dorien has also made appearances in a number of movies, including “Beethoven’s 4th,” “You Got Served,” and “House Party 4.” His other prominent roles include those in “Friends,” in which he played Chandler’s employer, and “Seinfeld,” two of the biggest comedic hits of the 1990s.

Wilson was highlighted in the “Best Bachelors of the Year” article in Ebony magazine and the 2004 calendar produced by the Alaye publishing firm due to his attractive looks, which won him a lot of female fans. Dorien made a comeback to TV sitcoms, appearing in the 2015 episodes of “In the Cut” and “Bella and the Bulldogs.”

There isn’t a lot of information available about his private life, however, he was married to his longtime girlfriend JoAnn for a number of years before the two eventually broke up after having 2 kids.

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