Jan Alweiss raised to fame due to her connection with the late Tiny Tim. He was a famous American singer. Among Tim’s many talents was his ability to play the Ukelele, write and sing, and analyze melodies. The artist was also formerly a U.S. government official.

Apart from being the wife of the late singer, what else Jan did do? Read on here to find out.

Personal Details

Jan was born Jan Alweiss Kaury. She was a smart and sophisticated young lady. Most of the information about Jan’s life before Tiny Tim. This includes information about her birthday and early life.

According to Tim’s third wife, Jan Alweiss was a glamorous and intelligent girl. She was crafty, intelligent, and incredibly worldly.

Tim and Jan’s Marriage

Jan and Tim connected for the first time in 1983. Shortly after that, the two began dating. Their meeting point used to be the private alumni club known as Williams Club. It is located in the middle of Times Square New York and Grand Central Station. During their dating period, Jan had a dream to become a singer.

The romance between the two lovebirds became stronger in a short while. Shortly after, things progressed to marriage. Tiny Tim married Jan on the 20th of June 1984.

When Jan married Tiny, she was only 23 years old. There was quite an age difference between the two. Tim was 52. Initially, they got hitched in Las Vegas.

Soon after, they arranged for another official marriage ceremony for the sake of the family. Jan’s parents wanted their daughter to be married in a synagogue and it happened a year later.

In addition, the relationship between Jan and Tiny Tim worked so well because the two understood each other. Jan was an aspiring singer and had an acute interest in showbiz. Tiny Tim’s idea of a perfect partner was someone that he could show off during social events. Alweiss was it; they complemented each other.

When talking to reporters, Sue revealed that Jan knew how to dress. She had an impeccable style and never shied away from speaking her mind. Often, her husband would feel embarrassed about some of the things his then-wife said in public

A few years into the marriage, the couple began to grow apart. The love that glued their marriage together began to fade away, leading to a separation ten years later.

According to reports, the couple was in an open marriage. Each partner was allowed to see other people. In 1995, Jan and Tim finalized the divorce and went their separate ways. They never sired any children together.

Tiny Tim’s Other Relationships

Since their marriage was open, Tim was in numerous relationships. After their divorce from Jan Alweiss, he married a third wife, he married Susan Marie Gardner (Miss Sue). In 1969, he has another wife, Miss Vicky (Victoria Mae Budinger). They had a daughter, Tulip Victoria, and then divorced after eight years.

Unfortunately, Tiny Tim Died on the 30th of November 1996 due to a heart attack.

Final Thoughts

Jan kept most details about her life private. Aside from her life story with her late ex-husband, there is not much to talk about her.


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