Jane Tharp Woodruff is the mother of American journalist Betsy Woodruff Swan. Not much information is on the internet about her parents and early life. Jane married Scott Woodruff on July 9, 1983, and they have three children together, Jane Woodruff, Chris, and Betsy.

Jane Tharp’s children are thriving; her only son Chris is an executive officer of Life Raft International. Jane Tharp’s daughter, named like her, has worked in several companies, including Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig Company.

Education and Professional Career

Jane Tharp Woodruff studied up to the college level. After high school, she joined the University of Missouri, graduating with a bachelor’s degree in marketing. After completing her college degree, Jane worked as an assistant in a bookstore. It is unclear if she is still working or if she retired to spend time with her family, mainly her grandchildren.

Jane’s Relationship with Her Daughter

Jane Tharp Woodruff has had a close relationship with her daughter since she was young. After noticing that her daughter had a passion for journalism, she was very supportive and was with her every step until she realized her dream. Even after getting married, Betsy always creates time to spend with her mother.

Her Husband

Scott Woodruff has been by Jane Tharp Woodruff since they married in the 1980s; he also worked at a bookstore. Scott inspired his daughter to pursue her aspirations, work hard, and always be humble. Jane Tharp and her husband have been the driving force in their children’s successes.

Jane Tharp’s Daughter

Betsy Woodruff Swan studied at Hillsdale College, after which she started her career as a reporter at National Review in 2012. After two years, she moved to Washington Examiner, where she was their political writer. Later that year, Jane Tharp’s daughter joined Slate working as their national political reporter.

Jane’s daughter has also worked at The Daily Beast, CNN, and Fox News. Betsy works at Politico as a political reporter and also works at MSNBC. There are no controversies that have been reported regarding Jane’s daughter.

Regarding her personal life, Jane Tharp Woodruff’s daughter is married to Jonathan Swan. Jonathan is an Emmy Award winner and works at Axios. They married on September 14, 2019, and have one daughter.

Net Worth

Jane Tharp Woodruff must have made a good fortune while working as an assistant at the Patrick Henry Bookstore. However, her net worth is unknown. On the other hand, her daughter Betsy Woodruff Swan has made a lot of wealth through her journalism, with her net worth estimated to be 1 million dollars.

Her Daughter’s Social Media Presence

Jane Tharp’s daughter is active on social media platforms; she has a private account on Instagram with more than 2k followers. She probably posts about her mother sometimes, but one has to follow her on Instagram to know if she does. Betsy is more active on Twitter, where she likes posting political-related content. She has over 200k followers on Twitter with over 5k tweets.

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